3 Fundamental Components For A Successful Arrangement

By Lexie

Feb 21, 2016

Your ability to mesh with your SD is essential. He is providing significant lifestyle support, and in turn, you’re most definitely expressing your appreciation.  If you want to be in a successful arrangement, below are the three fundamental components to be keep in mind. I call these ‘The 3 C’s’; cooperation, cohesion, and confidence. These are my 3 fundamental components for a successful arrangement. 


Unless he’s retired, chances are his career is going to take precedence over you. Understand most SD’s have demanding professional schedules. Constant text messaging and snapchat updates seem innocent, but can quickly annoy and overwhelm a busy man. A lot of men and women seek arrangements for logistical purposes, namely as a minimal distraction outlet.

Chances are he’s a workaholic. This means he works, works, works but desperately longs for playtime! Cooperate with his schedule and be courteous and accommodating to his hectic life (sugar babies new to the bowl, welcome to the wonderful world of dating a man of means!). Find a way to work out your schedules and be accommodating. But, it’s also important that you don’t neglect your personal needs. Couples who cooperate, thrive together.


The science of cohesive bonding is simply sexual chemistry, right? Though important, sexual attraction isn’t the end all. Apply the art of tantra and emotional energy and one can have a mind blowing platonic arrangement.

An arrangement is so much more than just feeding a voracious sexual appetite. These men want an emotional cohesive bond, too. I’m talking about your charisma, demeanor, and charm. Ladies, use your assets.


A confident lady presents herself with tact and grace, and uses her intellect to her advantage. She is not perfect nor exempt from flaws, but believes in her qualities. You can earn major attention from a loving benefactor if confidence is conveyed correctly. Be yourself and be open and honest about your goals. Maturity is far more attractive than a damsel in distress.

So pour on the smiles, compliments, and be affectionate. Your fun loving and confident personality will drive him crazy, in a good way of course! Bring your A – game on every date and your sweet nature may earn you sugar bonus points.  


XO Lexie