5 Essential Beauty Products To Have In Your Gym Bag

By Jessica Smith

Oct 01, 2018

Heading to the gym calls for very few products to be carried along. From the regular water bottle, sneakers to towels, it’s time to get savvy with your gym beauty bag. But if you’re someone who likes to shower in the locker room once you’re done exercising, it makes sense to throw a few key beauty products into your gym bag.  Customize your gym bag beauty essentials to always look fresh and stylish post your workout. Check out the ultimate beauty checklist with these 5 essential beauty products that you must have in your gym bag-

A Lightweight Moisturizer

Moisturizing is a big step in your beauty regime. Washing your skin post-workout can strip it of its natural oils leaving it feeling dry and dehydrated. Carry a moisturizer that you can quickly slather on your body post-shower. You might want to avoid creamy ones that feel heavy on your skin. Opt for a lightweight one that looks and feels light and natural.

Gentle Cleanser

Although most gyms have a soap or cleanser in the locker room it is advisable to carry your personal one (obviously) for hygiene as well as skin care reasons. More sweating means a higher risk of clogged pores, so opt for a gentle cleanser that washes away sweat and grime without making your skin feel dry and stretchy. Organic or natural cleansers like the African Black soap, work best as they open your skin follicle and reduce inflammation.

Skin Wipes

Wipes work great when there’s no time to shower right away. Moreover, if you head straight home after gym, that 10-15 mins of transit allow bacteria to thrive on your skin leading to acne and other skin issues. So, it’s advisable to gently wipe your skin with an antibacterial wipe post workout. You can also try towelettes- towel sized wipes for a quick cleanse of the face and acne-prone areas of your body, like the chest and back.


Afraid of a little smell after a hard training session? Carry an antiperspirant spray or roll on to quickly dab on pre as well as post your workout.  Clinical-strength antiperspirants work best as an over-the-counter option for anyone with heavy sweating. They can help to keep sweat and odor at bay. However, make sure to wait a few minutes before applying it after you shave or shower to avoid irritating your skin.

Hair Ties/ Headbands

This is essential – letting your hair loose can make it tangled when you workout, especially if it’s a grueling workout session. Keep an elastic in your bag or around your wrist to always have one handy for quickly throwing your hair up in a ponytail or braid. Try a scrunchie or coiled hair ties that they don’t pull at strands and cause split ends. You can also carry a wide, stretchy headband for a snug, yet comfortable, fit to keep your hair back while you exercise. They come in a breathable fabric in a number of colors, giving you a trendy look while you workout.

Dry Shampoo

A sweaty scalp leads to flattened, greasy-looking hair. Give life to your hair with a dry shampoo that protects your hair while making it more manageable and controlling frizz. They work great to tame baby hair and flyaways, giving you a more put-together gym hairdo. Simply spritz some on your hair, throw your hair into a braid or top knot, and you’re good to go. So don’t forget to carry a dry shampoo in your gym bag to revive lank hair and give it some volume.

You can also carry a chapstick to keep your lips hydrated and moist. Also, don’t forget to carry your hairbrush so you can quickly brush through your hair before and after your workout.  If you want to apply makeup post workout, opt for a mineral based foundation or a bb cream and steer clear of heavy foundation or compact. Happy gymming!