5 Signs you Need to get out of Your Arrangement ASAP

By Julia Jones

Jan 08, 2019

When it comes to any sort of relationship, sometimes we make mistakes. Come on, we’ve all been there and, let’s face it once we do it once we’ll never do it again- but just in case you need a little help deciding if your daddy is no good, here are the top five signs that you should get out ASAP.

If he puts his hands on you

I know, some people might think I shouldn’t need to say this but the truth is, it’s always worth saying. If daddy ever puts his hands on you when you don’t want it in a way that you don’t like- it’s time to pack your bags and get out of that arrangement asap. Daddy might not mean any harm by it, but if he doesn’t accept when something makes you uncomfortable, then that’s a huge red flag and something you shouldn’t have to put up with.

If he doesn’t care about your passions/interests/hobbies

Why bother with someone who doesn’t have an interest in who you are as a person? It doesn’t mean that you two have to have the same interests, but it does mean that if he couldn’t care less about your goals, your dreams, and your life; it doesn’t matter how much he pays you a month, he’s not worth it. If he doesn’t help you grow, what’s the point in having him in your life?

You just get a bad vibe from him

You ever just get a bad vibe from someone and you ignore it? Then something happens and the person turns out to be a total jerk and you’re left telling yourself that you shouldn’t have ignored it and you would have saved yourself so much time that you’d had to spend dealing with drama?
Yeah, don’t do that again.

Listen to your gut, or whatever you want to call it when it comes to your POT. No man is worth money if he is going to make you feel uncared for, unsafe, or disrespected.

He treats others poorly

This just comes down to a simple question. If he treats other people poorly, why won’t he eventually treat you the same way?

It’s not a fun question to ask yourself, but it’s an important one because the truth is, when our partner wants us and wants something from us, it’s easy to put on a good show for a little while, but eventually, they will probably start to take you for granted.

If you have to make excuses for his behavior

If someone is always doing stuff that you have to excuse, they aren’t healthy for you. No matter their reason or the rhyme that they have for why they act the way they do, if you have to excuse their behavior then that means they are doing something unhealthy to you. There is no other way to look at it- as much as you might try to find another way.

When you have to excuse behavior, it means that someone’s behavior is in some way, wrong towards you; and with that, it will only grow if it’s allowed to happen.

When it comes to sugaring it can be easy to try and ignore abusive habits because, after all, you might want to keep your allowance or you might need to. But when your daddy has any of these habits, it’s important to think about your long-term health and safety. So, when daddy treats you (or others) in others in these manners, it’s time to get out of your arrangement as soon as you can so you can move forward and find a new daddy who not only spoils you but also treats you with respect, which is something some daddies don’t seem to understand when they get caught up in the idea that you’ll be their sugar baby.