5 Sugar Trends to Ditch this Year

By Brook

Jan 16, 2016

Sugar Babies are always feeling some type of way, and that can give others the wrong impression. Sugar isn’t about being a snob or a brat, and it’s important to uphold good Sugaring character for the greater good. Here are 5 Sugar trends to ditch this year.

Aesthetically Focused

I speak from experience here, because I’m the worst at not giving guys a chance when they don’t meet my standards of looks. For instance, I used to be super focused on height, 6 foot plus only. Looking back on the relationships I’ve had, only a handful have met the requirement.

The fact is, someone becomes more attractive as you get to know them, especially Sugar Daddies. So put looks and age aside, and try to get to know him before you veto.

Money Talks

This is something a lot of Sugar Babies do, and it’s just bad form. Do not ask upfront about allowance. If he mentions it, great. Let him mention it. There is no bigger turn off to a real Sugar Daddy than you asking in your first messages: How much are you going to give me? Try not to be a brat, it makes the rest of us look bad!

Salting Everything

Not all sodium is Salt. For more info on what is and isn’t salt, check out this Salt Daddy blog. Sugar Babies have the habit of calling out everyone for being Salt, which is a term that means he’s not on the site or in the lifestyle for the right reasons. He might be genuine, but not what you’re looking for. That doesn’t make him Salty, you just have different outlooks.

Sugar Shaming

This is mostly something I see on social media. One girl calling out another girl, telling people she’s an escort or a fake. Just stop. We’re not in high school anymore, and you should be happy for those succeeding in the Sugar Bowl. Rather than throw shade, try to learn from them.

Hidden Agendas

Why are you ashamed of being a Sugar Baby? The more you hide your lifestyle, the more you reinforce the idea that Sugar is something to be ashamed of. It’s not! I understand if you want to have separate social media, but try to be more open.

When you act like it’s something to hide, people believe you. Wear your Sugar with pride, and watch the lifestyle become more accepted, and grow in numbers of Babies and Daddies. Meaning more selection, everyone wins!