Achieving Your Ideal Sugar Baby Body

By Nikki Sweet

Feb 09, 2018

Although your body is not your most important asset as a Sugar Baby, it’s hard to deny that it’s still ranked up there near the top. Sugar Daddies like to see that you take care of yourself mentally and physically. Keeping up with health and fitness are two big ways to show him that you are doing just that.

But what’s a Sugar Baby to do if she’s a complete novice to the concept? Never fear, the Internet is here…

Youtube to the Rescue

The great thing about a site as big as YouTube is that with millions of DIY videos available, you can learn just about anything. Youtube has home repair, car maintenance, and yes, fitness. Even the most exercise-naïve among us can sit down with a video and learn how to do the moves. The best part? You can always replay a part you missed. Or you can stop it altogether if it turns out it’s just too hard for your current level.

My current favorites include Kati Morton’s Love Sweat Fitness. I also like the POPSUGAR fitness series. Kati has 190 videos, including an entire playlist dedicated to what she refers to as “Lazy Girl workouts.” These are done either on the floor or the couch. They can be done while watching your favorite tv shows or movies. Don’t be fooled by the name  you’ll still get a workout!

POP SUGAR fitness has videos that target specific body parts like abs and booty. They also having a series for beginners. Their hip-hop cardio workout is a lot of fun for days where you might be feeling low energy and need something fun to get you going.

Signing up for an account with YouTube is free, and with an account you can save videos to your own playlists. I have different ones set up for different days, depending on what type of workout I’m looking to do: One day I might be focusing on abs and thighs. Then the next I’m working more on my arms and booty.

Fitness Apps for that Extra Umph

So now you’ve gotten established enough in your routine that you’ve outgrown the YouTube fitness videos, and you’re ready for a challenge. It’s time to check out the plethora of fitness apps available on both Android and Apple app stores, starting with these 3:

30 Day Fitness Challenge: This unassuming little app is designed with multiple levels to from beginner to expert. The program will lead you through various workout routine depending on what you choose for the day, and you can do as much or as little as you want. It will, however, start to bug you with push notifications if you skip a day or two!

Couch to 5K: If you’re currently a couch potato and have dreams of running your first marathon, this is a great app to get you going. Each session takes about a half an hour to complete, but will depend on your fitness level to begin with. It’s largely self-direction. That can take some getting used to, but there are user groups on Facebook and other forums that can help you out if you get stuck.

MyFitnessPal: There’s a reason this one is so well-known online. It’s practically the gold standard for people looking to live healthier lives. There is a forum where users can share tips and tricks, recipes, and exercise ideas, as well as a calorie counter for food and for exercises. The premium membership is really worth it with this app, as it unlocks the ability to adjust your calories, your macros, anything you want to change and really give you a unique experience.

Meal Plans

They say you can’t outrun your fork and this is true . Whether you’re trying to lose weight, maintain it. Maybe you want to look better in that cute piece of lingerie that your Sugar Daddy. For many new to fitness and health, meal plans are the way to go.  It lays out an easy to follow plan of eating that makes things simpler. Instead of trying to figure out what meals fit into your new diet plan, why not give a designer meal plan a try? This has been a favorite of mine for a long time. I love the price ($5-$10/month, depending on if you choose long or short-term plans), I love the variety (Quick & Healthy, Budget Friendly, Paleo, Vegan, even 30 Minute Meals), but most of all I love the way they organize the ingredients to make shopping for everything easier.

Hello Fresh: Don’t want the hassle that comes with shopping for the meals? These guys shop, plan and deliver your meals. Basically all you have to do is cook it. They charge per serving, so the price will depend on how many people you are cooking for. Planning a special meal for Sugar Daddy? Consider increasing your subscription that week.

Pinterest: If you consider yourself more of a do-it-yourselfer consider jumping on Pinterest. Look up healthy recipes yourself. This site has exploded recently. It can be a little overwhelming at times. The visual interface is also pretty appealing to search through. You can collect enough recipes to keep yourself well fed and healthy for the rest of the year.

And finally…
There’s a lot out there than can help you achieve that Sugar Baby body you’re craving. Take advantage of what’s available, ask for help when you need it, and get out there already!