Advice for Curvy Sugar Babies

By Heather P

Feb 05, 2017

As a curvy woman, I understand that off the bat a lot of men will have a preference for a fit bombshell kind of woman. For the rest of us, here’s some advice for curvy Sugar Babies.

In order to be successful you have to have skin as thick as your thighs. You’ll face rejection but it’s okay. Keep embracing who you are and strive to be happy and healthy.

First Things First

The first thing you should do is try to keep your body in proportion. Wear things that give your body a sexy shape. If you’re a plus sized girl with an hourglass figure, flaunt it. Whatever your best asset is, embrace it. Make sure your photos highlight all your best features.

A Little Extra

Considering our bodies are a little bigger, we have to make sure we take a little extra care of it. We have to shower a little longer, wear a little extra perfume and make sure our contour game is on point! As a result, make sure that you use soaps, body washes and scrubs that are natural with a nice strong scent to get you through cuddle sessions with Daddy.

I would definitely suggest trying some products from Lush. My favorite is the Rose Jam body wash. You’ll smell amazing and the scent is very long lasting. Another product that’s great is Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant. It will keep your pits sweat free and leave behind a long lasting, sweet smell.

Make Time for FaceTime

When you’re setting up a meet a potential Sugar Daddy, try to Facetime or Skype with him ahead of time. This is especially helpful if you feel self-conscious or worried about his opinion of your body. It gives him a reasonable expectation if you feel the photos don’t depict your figure well (even though they should!).  

Booster Seat

If you’re on the shorter side, invest in at least one pair of comfortable high heels. Pumps are great because you can wear them with a pair of jeans for long shopping trips or a nice gown for a formal function. Also try to go for a pair of heels that are pointed. Your legs will look longer!

As a size 5’3 size 12 woman, I swear by this tip. I also like to wear wedges when it’s warmer for comfort and height. The great thing about wedges is that they can be super high but still really comfortable and easy to gracefully walk in.

Vertically Gifted

If you’re a taller, curvier Sugar Baby, go for a nice pair of pointed flats or a shorter pair of heels. A lot of men mention that they are sometimes intimidated by a woman who is taller than they are. In fact, my most recent Sugar Daddy was the same height as me!

As a result, I always avoided heels around him. Whenever we attended a formal event, I always wore a cute pair of flats under a floor length gown. When we ended our arrangement, he told me how grateful he was that he was that I avoided the awkwardness. I was rewarded with my first pair of Loubs!

Pool Party

Alright, so you found a perfect Daddy and you’re going to go on an amazing beach vacation. What do you wear? Despite what you feel is most comfortable, DO NOT WEAR A GIANT T-SHIRT OR BASKETBALL SHORTS. If you do, he will find someone else on the beach.

Wear a nice, black or darker colored one-piece bathing suit. Show a little bit more skin by having a plunging neckline or an open back swimsuit. If you’re a little more self-conscious, you can even opt for a keyhole neckline on your swimsuit. By showing just the right amount of skin, you’ll come off as playful and sexy.

Nice Negligee

After a long day on the beach, you’ll probably have an even longer night in the sack (wink-wink). Whether you like to wear lingerie or something cute and comfy to bed, there are somethings us curvier girls can do to look sexier.

For lingerie, try to avoid crazy patterns. Also, at all costs (unless he’s really interested in it), avoid latex. Our bodies already sweat more than the average woman, let’s not make it any worse. Try to opt for a comfy, black teddy.

Another thing that’s great for wearing to bed is a plain bodysuit. You can wear a bodysuit with or without shorts depending on your level of comfort. If it’s cold, a simple, posh pajama set is sexy too. It will show how neat and put together you are.

Flawless Face

Whatever you decide to wear to bed, always remember to cleanse, moisturize and take care of your skin. No matter how long and hard you worked on your makeup, remove it prior to bed. Your skin and daddy’s Versace sheets will thank you.

If you are a little embarrassed by a few blemishes, BB cream is a great way to blur imperfections without being too heavy on your skin.

Healthy Choice

At times, it can be intimidating to eat around other people. You should always be confident and sexy, even when stuffing your face. When you’re having dinner, you should always opt for something on the healthier side. This shows that you are serious about your health and making great choices to make a difference in your body.

If he cares about you and your health and you make poor food choices in front of him, he can pick up on it and not know how to approach you about it. For instance, I would always opt for Grapefruit Juice or Lemonade when out to dinner. I didn’t realize by getting refills one or two times, how many calories I was consuming until my Sugar Daddy mentioned it. Now I always order water and save the sugary juice for a treat.

Pump it Up

Another thing that’s great to do is workout with your Sugar Daddy. If he’s busy and stressed out, try to reserve spots for a nice yoga class. Go to the gym together or even go for a nice hike or walk around your favorite mall!
REMEMBER: Be confident, sexy and take care of yourself. If you’re a curvy Sugar Baby too, say hi in the comments and feel free to share some of your favorite tips!