Advice for Divorced Sugar Babies

By Keillen

Oct 14, 2016


I’m here to share with you some advice for divorced Sugar Babies and words of wisdom that may enhance your sugar bowl experience and find the SD you’re looking for.

Divorced Sugar Babies? Yes, we exist and we’re enjoying the sweet life! Let me tell you from personal experience – there is life after divorce and it can be an amazing life!

Entering the dating arena can be intimidating after divorce. Entering the sugar bowl can seem intimidating, challenging, and lonely. It doesn’t have to be any of these! Sugaring  after divorce can be an exhilarating, liberating, and wonderful experience!

I entered the sugar bowl while I was married and felt secure. After all, I was very close in age to many sugar babies, had similar backgrounds, and expectations. Post-divorce I found myself older and wiser but felt (for a fleeting moment) like maybe I was out of my league. Nonsense!  

Know Where You’re At

I don’t mean geographically – I mean ‘know where you’re at in your life’. Your focus in life has  likely changed since you were married. One thing about post-divorce is the focus can be on you and your needs.

Ask yourself why you’re in the sugar bowl? What are you looking to find? Also, zero in on what you are not looking for – it will help you focus on what you truly want out of the sugar bowl. The sugar bowl may provide many things your marriage may have not provided: attention, spoiling, financial freedom, self confidence, independence –  to name a few. Once you do some sugar bowl soul searching, never lose site of the answers you find.

Be Honest With Yourself

Sometimes divorce can leave us with emotional wounds. Are you needing a little boost in self-confidence? Are you seeking to feel needed and appreciated? If there are lingering issues, acknowledge them but more strongly, believe in yourself! The sugar bowl is huge! There are so many different SDs each looking for his own sugar sweetness.

Value Your Life Priorities

Just because you’re in the sugar bowl doesn’t mean you have to push aside your priorities in life. For example, some of you may have children that you care for, some may have a career you want or need to hold on to. These are valuable parts of your personal life and they should be kept front and center.

Value them, respect yourself and don’t change your priorities thinking it’s going to help you find a SD. Remember – often times a SD has the same variables in his life and values discretion – you can too.

In my case, I have both children and a successful business and as a result discretion is important to me. I need to keep my children and livelihood the focus of my life. By letting my POT SD know where I was with certain variables in my life, he could better decide if he was the right SD for me and vice versa.

There is no harm in letting the not-quite-right-SDs go by while waiting for the perfect SD! I was patient, waded through POT SDs, did not settle and in time …. voila! My wonderful SD walked into my life.

Stay in the Now

Do not let old habits and beliefs filter into your new life in the sugar bowl. For example, if your marriage was filled with need and insecurity, do not bring these thought patterns into what has the potential to be an amazing experience.  

Live the sugar bowl life you want! Start fresh! You’re worth it!

Promote What Makes You Unique

Divorce, by no means, makes you a second choice Sugar Baby! Divorce lends you a perspective only achieved by those who have gone through it, you may bring relatable life experiences. It may also mean you’re more emotionally stable as to what you are seeking from a POT SD.

In my honest opinion, being a divorced Sugar Baby translates into having a more mature, balanced outlook on many levels; value in ones’ self, and awareness of the scope of positive attributes you bring into an arrangement.

And last but not least…. Don’t be scared!

This is not a repeat performance of your marriage or of any other dating scene in your past. There are so many SDs out there looking for someone they can genuinely relate to. Trust me, I’ve experienced this first hand. Go for it and create a new future in the sugar bowl!

Embrace your new path and enjoy the sweet life!