After the Sugar Stops

By Rachel

Dec 30, 2015

Extravagant trips, closets stuffed to the ceiling with couture, limitless credit–it’s hard to fathom leaving the highly addictive world of Sugar. Though for some of us, a peak is reached, the party is over, and it’s time to go Sugar-free.

Here are a few considerations for after the Sugar stops:

Keep In Touch
Assuming you and your Sugar benefactor ended amicably, we suggest keeping in touch. When it comes to saying goodbye, remember it’s not a break up with that person, but with the lifestyle they’ve helped give you. It’s beneficial to have a few good contacts in your back pocket. You never know what curve ball life might throw at you. Shoot an email, here and there so he knows you don’t mind keeping in contact. He isn’t your first crush, you don’t need to delete him off your Facebook and curse his name.

Just because you are giving back the credit card, doesn’t mean you have to give up the mentorship or networking knowledge that has developed along the way.

A Budget
Unless you are a CEO or business owner with a fabulous residual income, you’re going to need a job when that allowance stops being deposited. You probably have shoes in your closet that cost as much as a single paycheck, so cutbacks to your spending is key. A budget is the perfect way to stay organized. You’d be surprised how quickly those runs to Starbucks add up when it’s no longer on someone else’s dime.

Learn to budget necessities first such as bills, food, gas, etc., and then put aside a certain “spending” amount for when a shopping craving comes on strong. Be a fan of treating yourself, especially now that it’s your hard earned cash. Don’t be that girl that sees the perfect shoes and cries about them for days. Life is short. Buy the shoes. Your financial choices, much like a diet, should be essentially organic, not overly indulgent.

Delete Button
We can’t hide our past, but we can clean it up by tying up loose ends. Delete your Sugar-related social media accounts, deactivate your profile, seal that chapter away, but don’t pretend your experience never happened. Sugar is a stepping stone, a phase a smart girl goes through to get ahead. It’s not meant to be forever. You’ve made great memories, dined at the finest restaurants and looked darn good doing it!

Whether you start dating someone serious, make new friends, or get asked why you have an endless Louis Vuitton collection, never fear the judgments of your Sugar lessons and adventures. You got into the Sugar world for a reason and you are getting out for a reason. Your life, Sugary or not, is always to be lived on your terms.

Have you ever tried to to leave the Sugar lifestyle? What was the hardest part?