How to Always Feel Sugar Ready

By NobodysWife

May 05, 2018
We all have our off days, our bad hair days, our I-wish- it-was- tomorrow-already days. But time waits for no one and neither do Sugar Daddies. And nobody wants to be canceled on last minute. So how do you make sure you don’t make a lousy first impression by meeting for the first time on a day that you wish would just go away?

Have a Daily Routine

Have good habits that you keep up on a daily basis. Whether it’s journaling, exercising, meditating, or all of the above, make sure you build yourself a good platform to step from into your day. Doing healthy things for yourself on a daily basis helps stabilize your health, your mood, and your outlook on life.

Keep Yourself Grounded

Take a moment to breathe, to notice your body, to hear, see, and smell your surroundings. Allow yourself to just be in the moment. This will help clear any negative talk that may be going on inside your head and release anxious feelings or overwhelm. Center yourself and find your inner core. Learn some breathing exercises that can help you in moments of need.

Wear What Makes You Feel Confident

Know what you look good in and try wearing an extra cute outfit if you’re already feeling off that day. Something you can’t help but strut in and brings you joy to look at and wear. Sometimes it helps to work from the outside in.

Take Care of Your Body

Make sure you are keeping up with your self-care. Even if you do have a late night, if you regularly care properly for your skin, hair, and nails, you’ll look a lot better off in the morning than if you do not. This may include cleansing routines, proper moisturizing, and taking appropriate vitamins and supplements.

Talk Yourself Up Instead of Down

Remember that everyone has bad days and be kind to yourself. The more you focus on what’s wrong, the more things will go wrong and the worse they will become. Use affirmations to change negative thought patterns and make sure you are talking to yourself like a friend, not an enemy. We are our own worst enemies and tend to criticize ourselves way more than anyone else would.


Sometimes when we’re stressed or extra busy, we don’t feed ourselves properly. Emotions and situations can easily spiral out of control simply because our blood sugar levels have dropped. Keep healthy snacks with you in your purse and make sure you are eating proper meals. Have easy go-to meals at home for when you’re running late or out of energy. Hydration is also essential. Make sure you drink lots of water and sometimes a good cup of tea can sort you out!

Comfort Essentials

Have a few items in your purse that you can use at any time in case you need to primp on the fly. Hand lotion, lip balm, body spray, a comb and hair clips, nail file. Whatever it is that you consider being your bare essentials that also help boost your self-image. Breath mints or gum can not only help with your breath but also act as a calming aid.

Stay Focused on What Matters to You

There is nothing more attractive than a driven human with a goal and a purpose. Make sure you keep your passions alive. This is both essential and healthy for you, and attractive to others. No one’s going to notice that your hair is flat or the circles under your eyes are darker than usual if what’s coming out of your mouth and the general air about you is of a person who loves life and works hard at it.