Apps For Managing Your Goals

By Zenya Rose

Feb 06, 2018
Keeping your resolutions is no easy task. We all start gun ho in January but by Spring Break so many of us have fallen off the wagon. Thankfully living in this modern day and age can have tons of pros that can help you manage your goals. A lot of these apps work while you’re not thinking about them. This will help make your 2018 the best year yet. So let’s check out the apps that will actually help you keep your resolutions!


Any Sugar Baby’s first goal of the new year is to either find the arrangement of her dreams or maintain the one she’s got. Keep SeekingArrangement close by so you never miss out on a message notification! And if you happen to take a bomb snapchat selfie your profile is only a couple clicks away!


Financial success is a goal we all would like to see. If keeping to your budget has always been a point of contention consider getting mint. Mint tracks your spending and lets you know if you’re spending more than you should on fast food or shopping.


Do you have multiple credit cards? Paying the minimum balance on multiple cards can be incredibly tough. Tally helps you consolidate your payments into one easy monthly payment with a low APR.


Are you trying to gain or lose weight? Sometimes we don’t realize the foods we are eating aren’t as nutritious as we believe them to be. And it’s not your fault, reading labels isn’t always easy. The best part of MyFitnessPal is the app can read barcodes and instantly tell you if the food is high in salt, sugar or fat!


Are you looking for a new fitness class to try to? Fitness clubs and gyms offer tons of awesome deals at the beginning of the year to get new people through the door. I was able to buy 10 pole dancing classes and 10 kickboxing classes for $125 total! With deals that great you can find a physical hobby to carry you throughout the new year. The more fun you’re having the less you’ll have to drag yourself to class ! This will help you stay consistent year round.


Is your Sugar Daddy taking you somewhere international this year? Impress him with fluency in the native tongue of whatever country you’re visiting. Duolingo makes learning fun and easy. The interface is more like a game than studying a book and it is incredibly thorough. It’s so simple you can play it on the bus without worrying about bothering anyone around. So far I’m learning German, Spanish and French. What languages have you always wanted to learn?


Is you Sugar Daddy big on giving gifts that aren’t quite your taste? Did you get a lot over the holiday season that you can’t quite see yourself ever making use of? Do yourself a favor and sign into Poshmark. It’s a quick and easy app to sell that stuff taking up space in your closet. After Postmark takes a modest amount for sellers fees the rest is deposited straight into your bank account!
Will these apps help you achieve your resolutions this year? If not, what was left off the list?