Entitled Sugar Baby?

By Lexie

Jan 04, 2017

Are you an entitled Sugar Baby?


How does one determine what they are deserving and worthy of? Perhaps, having an entitled mindset has something to do with success. In this day in age, the term entitled is thrown around a lot. Millennials are (especially) notorious for having an entitled mindset, but how do we draw the line between being entitled and knowing our worth? In Sugar and Vanilla dating alike, women are told they deserve to be treated like Queens. How does one come across as having a deserving mindset without appearing entitled?

It can be hard when instant gratification seems to be the steadfast way of achieving wants and needs, but patience and poise actually have merit in the Bowl. When the phrases, “know your worth” and “baby you’re worth it” are thrown at you, it can be a challenge to process. Worth is either too high or too low. So how exactly does one determine their worth without coming across as an entitled narcissist?


Every Sugar Baby has something of value to bring to the table, and you better believe it’s far more than her looks and body alone. While a pretty face and a gorgeous figure is appeasing to a man’s eye, looks may only go so far. How you treat someone and your actions are a big indication of what value they have. You may not even be aware of this, but it’s the little things, and kind actions that intrigue a man–how you present yourself will speak volumes. You must show just the right amount of attention and affection.

It doesn’t take much to make a great impression, and the good vibes will be reciprocated with appreciation and gifts. When you’re showing the sweet, confident, and easygoing side of yourself, it’s an added bonus in a Sugar Daddy’s eye. He loves your carefree spirit, and this is how you’re going to win him over.


An entitled mindset, in a nutshell, is expecting something merely for existing, but it’s more than this It’s expecting something and not bringing any sense of value or appreciation to the table. It’s not the best approach for achieving what you want or believe you deserve because an entitled mind essentially expects or demands something without really having any merit for doing so.

Let’s be honest, few good things really come at from having an entitled mindset. Individuals with this thinking come across as being self-absorbed, insensitive beings. It can be easy to confuse determining your value with entitlement. After all if you believe you’re deserving or worthy of something you may feel you’re entitled to more than what you actually deserve. See how the two can overlap? Be tactful and know your value is far more advantageous than expecting something for literally doing nothing more than looking hot.


It may be easy to get caught in the mindset of feeling down, especially if you’re in a transitional phase in your life. Though it may seem nearly impossible to keep an upbeat frame of mind, it’s absolutely essential. It can be difficult to keep a smile on your face when you feel as if your life is out of place. One of the best ways to pick yourself up is to stay engaged and live with an attitude of gratitude. Your Sugar Daddy will most definitely be aware of how you interact and behave with him. The last thing he wants to see is a stressed out woman who is unsure of herself.

Even though you may be in a tough spot, make it a goal to put your best foot forward and let yourself shine. Your fresh spirit and eagerness to enhance your life will be more than enough. No, you may not hold the title and high power position, and quite frankly a genuine Daddy doesn’t even care about this. He’s not judging you for being financially less than, and he most certainly doesn’t want you adding stress to your life by comparing yourself to him. The value you bring as a Sugar Baby is your refreshing youthful spirit, a calming demeanor, and a desire to make your Daddy feel fantastic. It’s really challenging to bring these characteristics to light when you’re struggling with low self-esteem. The best value you can bring is self- confidence, and this is applicable for virtually any aspect of life.