Arrangements and Getting Ahead at Work

By JadeSeashell

May 05, 2019

It’s very common for beautiful women to meet successful men who are bosses or clients. Chances are you’ve had at least one boss/client who is a rich man with the potential of becoming your sugar daddy. Now the provocative question is…Is it okay to convert these wealthy men into sugar daddies so that sugar babies can get ahead career-wise?

Dating someone from your workplace

Some companies may clarify that employees cannot have romantic relationships with each other. But not every company has that rule. In fact, that rule doesn’t exist in Australia which also happens to have the highest percentage of sugar daddies and sugar babies amongst all English-speaking countries. It’s perfectly okay to date someone at work in Australia, as long as this romantic relationship doesn’t affect their work. That means dating your boss or client shouldn’t be off-limits. Therefore, having an arrangement with your boss or your client isn’t illegal. You just need to make sure your arrangement doesn’t affect your work.

Benefits of dating your rich boss or rich client

As a matter of fact, having a relationship with your boss or client not only does no harm to you but also benefits you. Obviously, when you become your boss’s sugar baby, he will definitely pay you more if he is the right sugar daddy. Also, when you become your client’s sugar baby, your client will pay you more and give you more positive feedback as a result. Better still, once you have built a romantic relationship with your boss or your client, you are very likely to enter their social circle – usually, that’s a social circle for the elite because a rich guy knows other rich men.

In this way, you will expand your network and have more powerful connections. Oh, don’t forget that your sugar daddy’s other rich friends are potential sugar daddies as well, meaning if your current arrangement ends for some reason, you may start a new arrangement with a new sugar daddy in that social circle. That’s the power of publicity, i.e. you will become rich because other rich men know you.

The real difference between two gorgeous women

Let’s say Sarah and Linda are both pretty ladies in a company. They are both intelligent and hardworking. We all know that there are three factors in success: intelligence, hard work, and luck. Apparently, both Sarah and Linda have intelligence and work ethic, so the factor that will set one person apart is actually luck. Because Linda is more switched-on (she has read articles on, she is aware of how to leverage her beauty and get ahead at work – Linda knows how to flirt with her boss in the right way and make her boss think it’s his idea to make a move.

As a result, Linda gets more attention from the boss and starts an arrangement with him. Now both Sarah and Linda are sitting in the same office, but Sarah makes $4000 per month, whereas Linda makes $8000 per month. And nobody knows this difference. Clearly, the real difference between these two beautiful women is one person knows how to use her beauty to her advantage and have better luck, while the other person isn’t aware of it. Lack of awareness is more dangerous than a lack of knowledge.

Honestly, you don’t necessarily have to have a sexual relationship with your boss or client in order to get ahead at work. Alternatively, you may just keep your boss/client interested in you for years – keep flirting and building sexual tension & you’ll also benefit from your sex appeal because wealthy men always reward beautiful women’s attractiveness – that’s called Law of Reciprocity.