Ask Brook: Help! I’m meeting my Sugar Daddy’s family!

By Brook

Dec 03, 2015

Something about the holidays makes us get the warm fuzzies, and you might find yourself on a Sugar Daddy’s arm in the presence of his relatives and children. This is probably way out of your comfort zone. However, if it’s important to him, you need to prepare your best holiday cookies and take out that festive dress. Putting on your best face for this means sweeter rewards come Christmas.

Learn the basics.

Meeting a zillion people is completely overwhelming, and remembering names is like a game of Guess Who. Do yourself a favor and ask him about the most important people in his life beforehand. Names, ages, and pertinent info will help you make conversation with that person later, and allow you to actually remember who they are.

Prepare a script.

His friends and family are going to have questions for you, probably ones like: Where did you two meet? Get your story straight before you head into the party so you aren’t stumped by an easy question. Have a list of things you deem appropriate to talk about. Read up on the news, or have an interesting topic on hand so when a conversation hits a lull you’ll be armed with witty banter.

Use a statement piece.

Selecting a statement piece leaves an invitation for someone to compliment or ask about it. Perhaps a golden bell necklace or special sparkly nails, make it festive, classy and subtle. This allows his teenage fashionista daughter or gel polish loving sister to feel like she can talk to you. Perfect. Get in good with the women in his life and he will want to spoil you even more.

Don’t be shy.

I can’t stress this enough, conversation is everything at these events. He needs to know you can make friends with his peers and relatives while he’s making rounds at the party. Step out of your comfort zone, strike up a dialogue with a six year old, or a sixty-six year old, just don’t be seen looking bored or like you don’t want to be there. I suggest a large alcoholic beverage to ease the extrovert process.

Perfect your outfit.

Meeting the people in his life should revolve around him, from the food on his plate to the dress on your form. Ask him what he’d like to see you in, and show him some options. He’ll feel ownership of the night and closer to you knowing he had a say in your outfit. To put the icing on the cake, buy him a pocket square that matches your dress so you two will be perfectly in sync.