How to Attract a Sugar Daddy IRL

By Mina Cigar

Jul 12, 2017

Wondering if you’ve found a Sugar Daddy in public? Here is my quick guide of do’s and don’ts on how to attract a Sugar Daddy IRL (in real life).

In a Bar

Timing is everything and happy hour may seem like a great time to meet a potential Sugar Daddy, but I recommend to wait until just after. This type of relationship is still considered in large as alternative in style. Alcohol loosens inhibitions and allows for ideas and desires to be exchanged more easily.

Do: Wear your hair up, pearl earrings and a sexy yet classy dress.
Don’t: Look like you just got off of work at an office job. No slacks, no cardigan, no pony tail.

Tip: Watch out for gentlemen who only want your free company [i.e. Salt Daddy] Your conversation is valuable and if he isn’t biting in the first ten minutes, graciously excuse yourself. You will never see him again and you do not owe anything further than a polite but firm dismissal. (This can be uncomfortable but will more easily come with practice.)

On a Jog

Good for you baby, keeping your Sugar Self in shape! Meeting someone out for your routine jog may not seem ideal but in actuality, endorphins from runners high euphoria, lack of oxygen to the brain and heightened pheromones can all play in your favor. Plus honestly you shouldn’t be running in clean face anyway. Yes to mascara, lipstick, cute jogging pants. No to pore clogging foundation and baggy sweatpants.

Do: What you would do naturally and jog your route! Just make sure to incorporate your chatty meeting people face as opposed to your strict determined runner face.
Don’t: Use bad pickup lines like “hey, good-lookin’, my pace or yours”

Out and About

I never promote ingenuity or lying, but a little “damsel” can certainly make the “White Knights” come and help a lady out.

If you are in a city you are not too familiar with, play up the tourist role. Think shoulder strap bag, city map, lost and confused facial expression.

Men love playing the helpful hero and you can certainly give them the opportunity to oblige. Your knowledge of good taste in expensive brands and telling a cheap watch from an expensive one will serve you here. Use good judgement and stop a well dressed pot SD for directions. Have a solid story ready for why you are visiting that particular city and what you are hoping to experience while there.

Delivery is everything and combined with a flirtatious and somewhat thirsty invite to meet up later can definitely end up in a win. Men can sometimes be clueless, so you may have to be more than obvious in asking him to meet you later for a drink.