Back to School: Sugar Style

By Sugar Fairy

Sep 20, 2016

Ah, September: here, again. A time for new beginnings, slightly cooler temperatures, and for many of you, going back to school: Sugar style.

Toggling between your Sugar and scholastic lives can certainly be a challenging, and interesting, dance: commitments to your studies and extracurriculars—not to mention your friends—can limit the amount of time you can spend with a sponsor or POT; it can also feel strange to pick between attending a frat party and a date at a five-star restaurant.

But we digress: the most important factor here is you. Keeping yourself centered will ensure a smooth transition into the school year—as a current Sugar Baby, or someone interested in becoming one. Here are a few tips I’ve found helpful along the way—feel free to add your own to the comments below!

Schedule, Schedule, Schedule

We use the word ‘balance’ lightly: the key to doing it all (or at least doing what matters) is about creating a schedule that works with your life. If you’ve already got a Daddy, consider sharing it with him so that you’re on the same page about your availability and able to easily manage expectations. Still hunting? A schedule can also help you block out time for checking and maintaining your SeekingArrangement profile and knowing in advance when you’ll have space in your calendar for POT dates.

Stay Healthy

No one likes a burned-out Sugar Baby—especially the Sugar Sister herself. At the forefront of your planning should be you: eating healthy meals, exercising, and sleeping, plus anything else that feeds your body and soul, whether it’s religion, yoga, or time spent in nature. One thing you can to test a new Sugar Daddy’s generosity is ask for a gym or yoga studio membership so you can stay in shape during the fall semester. All in his best interest, right?

Friend or Foe?

Unfortunately, not everyone is fond of the Sugar Bowl—especially university administrators who are already wary of how students spend their time outside of the classroom, or gossipy dorm-mates who find pleasure in other people’s personal lives. Keeping your Sugar life and personal life separate can be a key measure to take here. More info on that in my last blog, here.

That said, there’s nothing to be ashamed of: choosing to enter the Sugar World is your choice, and one you can change at any time. We recommend sharing your Sugar status selectively, though it can be helpful to have a friend or two on campus who also shares your point of view.

Ask for Support

If you haven’t already, now is the time to connect with your Sugar Daddy and outline your expenses for the upcoming semester. Depending on what your arrangement is, he might cover tuition or books; in other cases, you’ll use your allowance to offset whatever additional university costs you’ll incur.


Don’t feel bad about mentioning the need for extra help: no one reaches their goals (whether it’s a diploma or a destination) alone. Odds are, if you’re dating a successful Sugar Daddy he’ll not only understand, but support you as best as he can. I suggest creating a spreadsheet of your upcoming expenses and showing it to him when the topic comes up.


What are your tips for going back to school as a Sugar Baby?