Balancing Your Sugar Life

By Candice

Jan 09, 2016

A lot of us Sugar Babies are in college and grad school. For me, it’s law school (paid for in full by my Sugar Daddy, of course). It’s not easy to balance your school work, girlfriends, and your Sugaring life. This is especially true if you have multiple Sugar Daddies and are basically booked every weekend. Although I’m currently only seeing one SD, his work involves a lot of travel and of course I go along. This past semester I traveled almost every weekend, LA, Miami, New York, San Francisco, Orlando, Dallas. You name it, I went there.

Now you might be thinking…omg?! How does she do it?! Well, I manage my time, plan ahead, stay super organized and on top of everything. But most importantly, I find time for myself. The reality of getting on a plane almost every weekend leaves you jet lagged and exhausted on Monday mornings. I found it helpful to set aside downtime every week and relax no matter how much I had to do for school. For me, that involves spa time, working out, and getting my mani/pedi. For you, it may be something totally different (but trust me, make time for that mani/pedi because a SD wants their SB to always look good. That means no chipped nails, and odds are he’s paying for it anyway). The point is, a little relaxation will go a long way, and leave you feeling distressed and ready to handle your school, job, whatever it may be.

If your girlfriends are anything like mine, then they’re not Sugar Babies, they’re hot, nerdy law school chicks. In fact, this whole Sugar Baby lifestyle where I get money and parade around all fabulous is like a foreign lifestyle to them, so they think I’ve fallen off the face of the earth and probably ask themselves “does she even go here?” (bonus points if you picked up on the Mean Girls reference). Just kidding, that was an exaggeration on my life and my girlfriends don’t think I’ve totally fallen off the face of the earth. But, it could become a reality if you end up getting totally sucked into your SD and forget about your chicas. Don’t be that girl, you know,the one that gets a boyfriend (or in this case a super rich SD) and forgets about getting cocktails and gossiping with her girls (you obviously don’t need to go shopping with them because your SD has already given you more gifts than you can handle, but no need to rub that in their faces).

Lastly, a big part of balancing your Sugar life is not forgetting your own goals and ambitions. This goes hand-in-hand with staying organized and planning. Like I mentioned in the beginning, a lot of us Sugar Babies are also college or grad school Babies. Sugaring should not be the only thing you do, you should have an end goal for yourself and stay on track. For me, that’s graduating law school this May and becoming an attorney. Sure, I will continue to be a fabulous SB (duh), but I never have and never will give up on my education. Remember, a SD also wants a SB who has both beauty and brains, so that degree will go a long way!