Basic Manners for Sugar Babies

By dagnytaggart

Aug 13, 2016

I have seen some of the most beautiful and put together women ruin their shot at Sugar due to bad manners. The other day while out to a nice dinner with my SD, I observed a very pretty girl talking loudly (too loudly for a nice establishment) all the while still chewing her food. I’m sorry, but few people want to see your chewed up food as you babble about Snapchat filters. This being said, it’s important to realize as a Sugar Baby there is more to it than just being dolled up. Manners are very important, especially since you may find yourself at an upscale restaurant or social function. Here are some Basic manners for Sugar Babies.

The Dress Debacle

Ok, you have a hot little body con dress and beautiful heels on for dinner with Daddy….and while getting out of the car everyone gets to see your hot little panties you have on underneath. Ladies, getting out of a car in a short dress is not an easy feat, but there are some tips that will hopefully help you to avoid a common celebrity flashing faux pas.  

Once you’ve opened your car door or had your door opened for you, make sure your knees stay together as much as possible. Swivel to the exit side and put your feet on the ground as close to the same time as possible. Then you can lift yourself out of the car. If someone opened the door for you, he will typically have his hand out to take yours and assist. One other tip, if you know your dress is short and you are about to prepare to get out of the vehicle try shifting the skirt portion of your dress down your legs closer to your knees.

I feel the urge to touch on the heels thing as well. Heels are only as sexy as the girl who can walk in them. Don’t wear 5″ stilettos if you have only been in three inch heels in the past. Make sure you have walked in the shoes prior to the date so you know if you can. You don’t want to look like a baby giraffe, just getting your legs to function for the first time, nor do you want to risk tripping or falling.

At the table

The following tips may seem obvious, but again I’ve heard stories and seen horrible manners at beautiful dinning places. When seated, always unfold your napkin and put it on your lap. At the end of the meal you can place the napkin neatly on the plate or if they have been cleared neatly on the side of the table.

Of course you will be conversing over dinner, but keep in mind if you need to respond to a question or statement, finish chewing and swallowing your bite of food prior to talking. Any gentleman will understand that if you have just put a bite of food in your mouth that there will be a delay in response. Don’t rest your elbows on the table, though you may rest your wrists or forearms on the table.

Never check for food in your teeth or reapply makeup at the table. Politely excuse yourself and do these things in the ladies room. This is also a time to check your phone, and it’s not at the dinner table. Don’t text everyone and their dog or spend ten minutes on IG in the bathroom as it is rude to leave him sitting there forever wondering if you ghosted out the back door.

Know your limits on alcohol. If you have a cocktail prior to dinner, I make sure to limit yourself on the bottle of wine. Being drunk or overly tipsy on a date is typically not a turn on. I think we’ve all been there before.

Again, this may seem obvious, but ALWAYS thank him for the dinner, cocktails or the invite to the event. Everyone wants to feel appreciated, and it will make him want to take you out more often.

You’re Not the Queen

Remember, no one is perfect and we are not the Duchess and will not be judged by not keeping on par with Emily Post. If you do have questions on how to navigate eating at a fine dining establishment or how to act at a high profile function there are many websites you can look up for tips to prepare. Keep in mind he is there to spend time with you so, eye contact, a genuine smile and true interest in your company will glean over many small manner flops.