Beating the Valentine’s Day Blues

By Joey

Feb 03, 2017

That time of the year is approaching, the time that is happy for many, but not so much for others —Singles’ Awareness Day. Also known as Valentine’s Day. If you’re one of those unfortunate Babies like me with a married Sugar Daddy, I’m going to share some tips for beating the Valentine’s Day blues.

Although you may want to spend this day in particular with your Sugar Daddy, that may not be feasible. One way to beat the Valentine’s blues is by keeping yourself occupied.

Find something, or someone, to take your mind off of not being with your SD for Valentine’s Day.

Girls Night

Make it a girls day. Try getting some of your friends together for dinner and a movie night. Treat yourselves to a nice dinner. Follow that with a movie marathon. Personally, I recommend straying from sappy chick flicks on this day. Try viewing films with a killer female lead!

If your friends are anything like mine, they love to party Grab your heels and your girls and head to the bar for happy hour.


Valentine’s day is all about love. Your SD is taking time to be with his family, and you should too.  Being around loved ones may be a sure way to beat the Valentine’ blues. Try having a family game night, to keep your mind off the fact that you would rather be spending the “holiday” with your Sugar Daddy.

Go On a Date

If you and your SD have an open relationship, login to your SeekingArrangement account and find a date. I’m sure there are plenty of other SD’s out there, looking for some Sugar on Valentine’s Day.

Work Out

For me, exercise is a quick fix whenever I’m down in the dumps. Try hitting the gym for a nice workout. Once your blood starts pumping, sweat starts dripping, and your endorphins are released– that frown of yours will turn upside down. Plus, you may even get luck to have an almost empty gym, which for me means an even better workout!


I don’t know about you, but retail therapy always takes my mind of things, and puts me in a good mood. Buy yourself a nice Valentine’s outfit. Maybe even some cute lingerie. If you do go for the lingerie, maybe even have a mini photo shoot, and snap some cute photos. Show Daddy your appreciation, and send him a pic.

Ultimately, Valentine’s day is just another day of the year. If you do find yourself with Valentine’s blues, use these tools to help beat them.