Best Places to Meet Sugar Daddies in the Wild

By Brook

Nov 04, 2015

The Sugar Daddy is a noble creature, and they are often found in groups or in pairs holding alcoholic beverages. Spotting a Sugar Daddy in the wild, and then going in for the kill is what we in the Sugar Kingdom like to call freelancing.

On SeekingArrangement, it’s easy to just sit back and wait for messages from POTs, but IRL you have to work for your Sugar. Here are some of the best places to meet Sugar Daddies in the wild, and how to catch their attention.

Location: Farmer’s Market or Whole Foods

Being healthy is trending, and that means Sugar Daddies are hopping on board. Exclusive food is an absolute fave of rich men, so these spots are perfect for picking up your prey. Wear natural makeup and an innocent sundress.
The Play: Foodie Friction
Spot the subject and make your way to where he is, looking at tomatoes or whatever. Accidentally drop something meaningless (chapstick, bobby pin, your student loan bill) in his general direction. Make eye contact and mention what a klutz you are. Now you’re in, and can strike up conversation about the vegan ice cream for dogs or ask if he wants to sample the new brand of olive with you.

Location: Charity Event

Volunteering to help at charity functions is not only rewarding, but also puts you in a sea of rich, generous, philanthropic POTs to poach. Do your research, and read up on some charities and their upcoming events. You can even get school credit for it.
The Play: “Have you seen Jim?”
Hopefully the event will give you enough leeway within your responsibilities to chat up whatever suitor you spot. This one is a classic and works at most events. Ask if he’s by chance seen someone you’re looking for, then appear to have found him or gotten a text telling you where he is. Thank goodness, you say, now I can talk to you. I’m Brook, what’s your name?

Location: Dog Park or Regular Park

One of the favorite pastimes of many compassionate people is owning a pet. Super bonus if you have a dog too, if not you can borrow one from a friend, or just go to the park with a book.
The Play: Punny in the Park
This only works if the guy has a dog. Talk about how cute the pup is then ask to pet it. As you and the dog are getting to know one another, ask the POT if you can pet him too then touch his arm. Now he knows you’re interested, and is probably laughing at how completely original and hilarious you are. You’re welcome.

The Location: Wine or Scotch Tasting

Hopefully you like alcohol as much as I do, because these places are crawling with potential Sugar Daddies. In fact, a lot of older men come to these events specifically to meet women so you’ve got an easy in. Make sure to wear something sexy, like you’re going somewhere better later.
The Play: Making Eyes
This is a huge key to luring any man into chatting with you. It’s easy, but sometimes a little awkward. Staring. Let him catch you checking him out and then smile, and hold his gaze for just a little too long before looking away. I can tell you from personal experience that nine times out of ten, if he’s interested and available he’ll be talking to you soon. If not you can always ask him what his favorite type of wine is, and drop some random wine fact you Googled right before arriving.

Freelancing is always a risk because you don’t know if the guy is an actual Sugar Daddy who’s willing to spoil. An easy way to break the ice is ask how he usually treats his women, or if he’s ever heard of a mutually beneficial relationship. Happy hunting!