5 Best Practices For Your Sugar Relationship

By TallBlond

Nov 09, 2018

Saying no is ok

An arrangement is exactly that. This type of relationship allows for the most honest and open communication in order for it to work. Once you discuss and decide on what works for both of your schedules you can also decide to make changes if needed in the future. This doesn’t mean that you cannot say no if he asks you on a random trip or out to dinner on a random unplanned or unscheduled night. He should also have an understanding that you have a personal life as well. Do not be scared to say no and don’t feel obligated.

Keep your regular life and your sugar life separate

This doesn’t have to be the case for everyone, but it works well for many. Keeping your sugar life separate from your regular life can sometimes be a challenge, but it is very possible and can be beneficial for both. Learning to set and keep your boundaries can prevent issues in the future. There are some instances where individuals become too comfortable and may begin to take advantage. You want to be careful with spending too much time together at any point otherwise some individuals may feel that this is the norm. This can also set other expectations that may be hard to reverse. Unless you are looking for your arrangement to flourish into something more that then boundaries are a necessity so everyone has an understanding.

Allowance: Do not negotiate with yourself

Negotiating with yourself is the biggest mistake you can make. He will always ask you to give a number first – no matter if he is a millionaire. You wouldn’t negotiate with yourself in any other situation so don’t start here. This should be a discussion, not more one-sided than the other. You should always determine what it is that you need help with and stick with that when you are starting out versus letting the other individual name a starting allowance. Even in the most uncomfortable situations, it is the best expectation to always set the standard starting out. There should always be an expectation that is put in place to work off of for the other individual. An allowance should be based on several different factors including each arrangement individually.

Set a clear and understood schedule upfront

Setting a clear schedule upfront is important so standards and expectations are set and no one expects something without a confirmation. We are in a day in age where everyone already has their own set of expectations which should not be something that happens as everyone is on a different playing field as to why being upfront with schedules is very important. This prevents confusion and any possible irritation in the future.

Be Genuine

Being genuine is the best way to make this type of relationship work. We are all human and most people can tell when you are disingenuous. Being yourself is the best and lets someone to better get to know and like you which can also work in your favor if you are looking for a long-term relationship. Being disingenuous may lead to other issues as humans we can only pretend for a certain period of time before we show our true colors.