Breaking Up Sweetly

This is a bit of a touchy subject as ending a relationship is never easy, whether it’s a traditional one or an arrangement. You would think it would be easier to break off a Sugar relationship since it is by definition an arrangement of sorts, i.e. NSA. While some Sugar relationships could lead to marriage, it is understood that on the average, they are only temporary.

So, why would someone break off an arrangement? While many factors may play a part, one common reason is a result of an overly possessive Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby. I had a SB once tell me; ‘I want what’s mine. I would hate it if you saw others’.  A bit scary right? ‘I want what’s mine’… I didn’t belong to her, we just had a NSA relationship, after all. So I had to break it up before it got out of hand.

Regardless of the reason, breaking up sweetly is an art as much as a science.

Break Up Via Email?

In general, you could say via email or text, ‘Hey I am really sorry X, this arrangement is not working for me anymore, so I need to break it off’. Or you could say that you got back with your wife/girlfriend/boyfriend. All of the above have happened to me personally, when the SB I was seeing at the time found another SD.

Ignoring the person is the worst way to break things off, especially if a relationship has been going on for six months or more.

Or, break up in person?

I usually like to break it off either in person, or by phone, especially if it was a long term arrangement. This is arguably the most respectful approach to ending a relationship. Tip; always break up in a public place and do it swiftly and firmly so there is no doubt or backpedaling. This way things have less of a chance to turn ugly, if he or she takes the break up too hard.
And, before I finish, one more thing that I learned from one of my old mentors: if the relationship has been going on for a long time, say six months or more, I would strongly recommend breaking things off in person and giving the SB a generous parting gift. This way you leave as friends and he/she is less inclined to harbor resentment or negative feelings towards you.