Brook’s Quick Safety Tips

By Brook

Nov 05, 2015

The world of online dating is risky enough, even without any Sugar added. SeekingArrangement is a very safe site, but that doesn’t excuse you from taking precautions.

Common sense and the Internet are your two best friends for staying safe, but here are a few more of my quick safety tips to help prevent harm.

Block or report people.

This one is first, and the most important. Be it online or offline behavior, if someone makes you uncomfortable or feels like a scammer, report his ass! Our customer support staff is online 24/7 and retribution will be swift if anyone has wronged you.

We take all reports seriously, and if a claim is warranted he will be promptly suspended. This prevents him from making any other women uneasy, and documents the behavior. You can also block anyone you don’t like, preventing them from contacting you.

Always meet in public.

I really can’t stress this one enough, and sometimes it’s difficult for Sugar Babies. If a man wants to meet at his hotel room or home, it could be tempting. It’s understandable for a man to want to be discreet, but there are plenty of dark corners in public lounges if that’s the concern.

No matter what his excuse, you don’t want to invite someone you’ve never met to your home either. There is no sum of money that’s worth compromising your safety.

Keep financial information private.

Before you’ve met someone in person, I will advise you not to give out personal financial information. Maybe he wants to send you some money before you meet, but there are other ways besides giving out your bank or card number.

However, you should not be asking for money up front. It’s against the terms of our site and will get you suspended. If he insists on sending a gift, utilize options like PayPal, Venmo, and Google Wallet so the only thing connected to the account is an email address. That makes the transaction risk free and seamless.

Carry pepper spray.

I’m not saying you’ll need it, but there is a certain peace of mind that comes with knowing you can defend yourself against a larger opponent. You should probably learn how to use it before going full force, so check out this YouTube video.

Small canisters of pepper spray can be purchased at most stores and online, I got mine on Amazon. Hopefully I’ll never need to use it, but I refuse to be a victim. For a complete list of what I keep in my purse for a Sugar date, watch the video here.

Use unique photos.

This one might come as a shock, but the pictures you use on your profile can be reverse image searched. That means someone can save your picture from the site, drop it into Google, and find anywhere else the image is use online. Scary, right?

That means your perfect selfies and vacation pics should be unique, and not used anywhere else online. If you don’t care about people linking those images back to you, then this is not something to be concerned with. But for most of you who don’t want a POT following you on Instagram, heed my warning and use pics that are not anywhere else online.