Building Trust with Your Sugar Daddy

By Lexie

Mar 16, 2017

Most Sugar Daddies want discretion to be a top priority. They have careers and reputations to uphold. The last thing they want is some young, hot beauty jeopardizing a lifetime of hard work. If you’re a Sugar Baby then you understand that saving face is a big deal. It is to be taken very seriously. There is no need to be posting photos on social media, unless it’s okay with him. These are some tips for building trust with your Sugar Daddy.

Discretion is the Ultimate Impression

If you can be discreet in virtually any situation then you’ll likely have a great deal of success as a Sugar Baby. Sugar Daddies value discretion in part for two main reasons. The first is obvious; they have a livelihood to maintain and would like to keep it intact. The second is not so obvious; they are simply private people in general and don’t want people interfering with personal matters. As a Sugar Baby you will learn a lot about your Sugar Daddy. He will let you into his wonderful world and in turn you’ll welcome him into yours.

Keep A Low Profile

Most high profile men like to keep a low profile persona. They are not usually ones to attract attention to themselves. They certainly are not going to go out of their way to make fools of themselves. These high profile Daddies want to keep personal things on the down low. If you notice your Sugar Daddy has this type of persona then it’s best you follow suit. Being gracious, calm, and confident in all situations is a must for Sugar Babies. You’ll be adored if you come across as such.

Show Him You Care

A lot of Sugar Daddies want someone who truly cares. They want to know they are appreciated for more than their money and they want someone who understands the demanding life they live. If you can be empathetic to his needs and show genuine care then your Sugar Daddy will notice and his gratitude will show. In the sugar bowl so many people are not who they say they are, but many are the real deal. If you can break through and build meaningful rapport then you’ll find yourself experiencing an exceptionally sweet Sugar experience.