Business Travel with a Sugar Daddy

By Mina Cigar

Jan 05, 2017

It’s likely that if your Sugar Daddy has to travel in his line of work, he will eventually ask you to join him. After the arrangements are made and the spending money is agreed upon, here are some tips that will have him asking you along for every trip. Business travel with a Sugar Daddy can be a time to invest in yourself, too!

Unlike traveling for leisure, traveling for business is a whole different story. Your SD is in work mode, not vacay mode. My number one recommendation is to always be mindful that he is there for business, not play. Having too many cocktails poolside while he is in meetings and later slurring “this is no fuuuun” will certainly make him question his decision for bringing you along.

That being said, business travel does not have to be boring! Balance and mindfulness will be key. Based on personal experience, being taken along for a business trip is the best because you will have time to shop and explore a new city. Be sure to ask him his expectations in advance and then agree on a spending budget so you can entertain yourself while he is in meetings.

Before you leave, think “sexy personal assistant.” Pack spare items in your purse such as pens, post-its or a notepad, car and wall phone chargers, and an extra set of headphones with a microphone. Pack appropriate evening attire for you, in case he has dinner with associates or client and wants you to join.

Ask in advance for travel itineraries, hotel and car rental reservation numbers. If he questions this, let him know that you want to help in making sure this part of your trip goes smoothly so he can concentrate on business. If you are traveling on a commercial airliner, have the app for the airline on you phone. Be sure to have a copy of your itinerary with flight numbers. Before you leave for the airport, make sure the flight is on-time. If delayed or canceled you can usually reschedule on the airline app without having to call.

If renting a car, call in advance to make sure you are expected. Confirm they have your flight arrival time and ask them if they can have the car “curbside.” Tip money for favors like this go a long way, so always carry small bills in cash with you. I promise small contributions here and there will come back ten fold!

When you arrive at the hotel, be sure to get details such as WIFI password, restaurant and room service hours and if there is a guest lounge / happy hour. Once comfortably settled in, ask about his trip itinerary and what you can do for him. Listen carefully and then add-on to his expectations.

Example: He shares he has a meeting at 9am. You already know that room service starts at 6am. Ask what time he needs to leave, then place an order to brought up at the appropriate time. Don’t hesitant to take the lead on little details such as this. He will appreciate you thinking of him and the effort and willingness to make his trip more comfortable. If he has evenings free, be the one who makes the restaurant reservations.

Once he leaves for the day, go and make the most of it! Enjoy and treat yourself to a nice lunch. Cheers to your bringing your Sugar Baby experience to a whole new level!