Capturing Your Most Irresistible Sugar Profile Photos

By Harana

Jul 23, 2018

The world has come to the point that people needed to rely on pictures and photographs in order to get a better grasp of what the person they were talking to looked like. I’ve noticed that no one has actually done an article on the element of photos, something everyone – whether baby or daddy – looks at on the arrangement seeking a platform to gauge compatibility. While you may be a great conversationalist or an easy cool ambiance kind of person, it doesn’t matter the minute someone loses interest once they start looking through your pictures.


Whether it’s a portrait or a full-body picture, you wouldn’t like your pictures to convey messages you wouldn’t desire. The SeekingArrangement website strictly prohibits any pictures that have nudity or vulgarity in it for the sake of everyone on the platform. While it is not wrong to subtly show a little of your sexier, flirtatious side in your pictures, it still never hurt to being careful and making sure your photos have the amount of decency and class you would want them to have.

With that, comes the big question of making your pictures stand out and attract without putting you in too much stranger danger.

The three elements of lighting, framing, and content in any picture are like the tomato, lettuce, cheese in a burger! Think of as three more bonuses to an already delicious meat (or veggie, for those vegans!) burger. These key points strengthen your picture the more thought and consideration you put into them.


One thing you should consider when putting up or taking photos for your profile is the lighting. There is nothing more appealing than having the natural light hit the best parts of your physique. A well-lit picture is so much more pleasing than a dim, blurry mirror shot that people would find hard to make out. The hue is also one thing to consider since a semi-sultry shot would look tons better with a hint of red undertones while an outdoor shot would look the most appealing with the natural greens of the landscape. Don’t restrict yourself either with the thought of shooting under bright fluorescent lighting. Natural light whether in beams, rays, or sinking sunset make for a beautiful, breath-taking kind of aesthetic.


Ever heard of the neat technique of angling the camera upwards to look a little taller? Or, ever used the trick of standing in the center of the photo for emphasized attention? Those are exactly what framing is about. Although I don’t advise placing pictures that you’ve also put on your easily traceable social media accounts, putting a class picture where someone would have to play Guess Who They Are is not really a big help to winning those potentials. Got an amazing outfit on right now? Great! Take several shots from the shoulder up, then the waist up, and a full-body. The technique of taking great shots is to take a whole load of not-so-great shots. Always see what kind of length, angle, and positioning works best to flatter you.


When you’ve got the lighting and framing all set, remember to work on the most important aspect of your pictures: you! Nothing compares to the one true subject of the picture because it will be what your potentials will be looking for. Similar to how Tinder science works, people tend to have higher levels of attraction to any photographs with formal wear, smiling, and lifestyle. Never has the “Be yourself” advice rang any truer. Showing what makes you loving life and happy (traveling, music, sports, etc.) is often something that will help them figure out what your personality is and the things you have in common. So, best start tweaking those photographs to capture your best.