Capturing Your Most Irresistible Sugar Profile Photos

By Harana

Jul 23, 2018

We’ve come to a point where we, as a society, need to look at pictures and profiles in order to get a better idea of what someone is like. That profile photo you have on Seeking that you didn’t think twice about before uploading? You might want to rethink it now. Your photo is the first thing people notice, so make it a good one. Make it stand out! Need a little help? Don’t worry. That’s why we’re here.


Whether it’s a portrait or a full-body picture, you wouldn’t like your pictures to convey a message you don’t like. For example, maybe you took a mirror selfie but didn’t notice that huge mess in the background of the photo, or the water spots on the mirror. Even if you’re a very clean person for the most part, people might think you’re a bit of a mess or lack attention to detail. It’s unfair, but it’s the world we live in. The Seeking website strictly prohibits any pictures that have nudity or vulgarity in it for the sake of everyone on the platform and while it is not wrong to subtly show a little of your sexier, flirtatious side in your pictures, it never hurts to be on the cautious side. With that comes the big question of how to make your photos stand out and attract others without looking too forced. Here are three elements that can always help:


One thing you should consider when taking photos for your profile is the lighting. There is nothing more appealing than that perfect natural-light glow. A well-lit picture is so much more pleasing than a dim, blurry mirror shot that most find hard to make out. The hue is also another thing to consider since a semi-sultry shot could look much better with a hint of red undertones, while an outdoor shot would look the most appealing with the natural greens of the landscape. Natural light whether in beams, rays, or just the glow of pink sunset can always make for a gorgeous aesthetic.


Framing draws attention to you (the subject in this case) by blocking out other elements with something that is already in the scene. If you think you already have an image like this, great, but we don’t advise using photos that you’ve also put on your easily-traceable social media accounts. Got an amazing outfit on right now? Great! Take several shots from the shoulder up, then the waist up, and then a full-body. The technique of taking great shots is to take a whole load of not-so-great shots. Always see what kind of length, angle, and positioning works best to flatter you. It’s also important to think about what this photo will look like in a thumbnail version. So try not to stand too far away when taking your shots.


When you’ve got the lighting and framing all set, remember to work on the most important aspect of your photos: you! Do you love to travel? Perfect! The next time you go on a trip, make sure to get some photographs that showcase your love for new places. Are you an excellent cook? Even better! The next time you’re preparing a large meal, get some shots of you looking like an amazing chef in your apron. Find your niche and don’t be shy to showcase it. Letting the world see what makes you happy (traveling, music, sports, etc.) is often something that will give people a little glimpse of your personality. Start working on those photographs.