Channel Your Inner Holly Golightly

By Missy Dee

Oct 15, 2016

The timeless classic, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, portrays the dream life envisioned by many Sugar Babies. The main character, Holly Golightly, is a gorgeous, stylish and carefree girl living in Manhattan. She is regularly spoiled by different men and only gives up her Sugar Baby lifestyle when she was ready for the next best thing.

In both the book and the movie versions of this story, Holly escaped a dull existence in a rural town and rose to the rank of “cafe society girl,” a woman that survives off of her charm and the generosity of men. She came to New York City and created the life she wanted.

Glamorous parties, spoiling from multiple gentlemen, and exciting adventures- what’s not to love? Luckily for us, any Sugar Baby can make the most of her time in the Sugar Bowl with these simple tips. Here’s some advice for you to channel your inner Holly Golightly.

Change Your Image

Holly was a country girl that married young but eventually ran away from her small-town life to live as a socialite in New York City. She couldn’t live her dream life in her hometown, so she moved and recreated her image, going as far as to change her name. Many times, changing your image could be as simple as adopting a signature accessory or as drastic as getting a divorce or moving thousands of miles from home.

Little and big changes can rejuvenate you and create excitement that attracts Sugar Daddies. Make sure you’re clear on how the changes are going to benefit you, both now and in the future.

Be Open to Different Sugar Daddies

Holly entertained a diplomat, a racketeer, and a host of other wealthy men. Each of these spoiled her and were glad to for the pleasure of her company. She knew that different men could offer interesting and lucrative relationships, so she never limited her association to one type of man. Remain open to Sugar Daddies with different professions and hobbies. The most important thing is being able to negotiate, and that you both are committed to enhancing each other’s lives.

Have a Trustworthy Sugar Sister

Holly lived by herself and kept a pet cat in the movie. However, in the original novel, Holly has a roommate that is her friend and also a “cafe society girl” who relates to Holly and didn’t judge her. Having a Sugar Sister is great for Sugar Babies who want to discuss their lifestyle with someone who understands.

It also helps to have a friend to go freestyling or to give you feedback and tips. Time in the Bowl is much more enjoyable when you have a friend to share the journey. And if a Sugar Sister isn’t possible at the moment, then get a pet, but keep in mind how much maintenance you can reasonably afford. Having a pet can go a long way in helping a Sugar Baby practice the art of being nurturing, which is a highly desirable trait among Sugar Daddies.

Cultivate a Taste for Finer Things

Nothing captures the feel of Breakfast at Tiffany’s more than the scene in which Holly walks the streets of New York, donning a black formal dress, long satin gloves, glittery jewelry, and big sunglasses. She coyly nibbles on a danish as she looks at the Tiffany & Co. display windows and fantasizes about the jewelry and the magic in those decorative objects.

Even though she came from humble beginnings, Holly knew the power of fantasizing and exposing herself to the fine items that she desired. She knew she deserved the best, and men responded by giving her those things. Likewise, Sugar Babies who want Daddies to upgrade their lives should get familiar with finer things and develop their own personal tastes. Cultivate a taste for luxury, and the best Sugar Daddies will respond appropriately.

A Standout Accessory is Necessary

No one can think of Holly Golightly without recalling how she wore oversized sunglasses to cover up any physical indications of late night socializing. Holly’s sunglasses were chic, practical and instantly recognizable. Also, the sunglasses were a seductive prop that could be used to lure men curious about what was beneath the eyewear.

Any unique accessory can have the same effect for you. As a bonus, unique accessories usually give interested Sugar Daddies a good icebreaker topic: wear something that stands out, and watch men come to you and ask questions about your statement piece.
Even though it was made nearly 70 years ago, the movie and characters still hold some merit today. Watch it with your Sugar Sisters and get inspired!