Coming Out Sweet

By Ashleigh

Oct 15, 2015

There’s no reason to be ashamed of your Sugar. You’re a goal oriented woman who sees what she wants and blazes a path to get there. You just happen to want a gentleman that is willing to help you achieve them. No need to shame yourself for being beautiful and benefactors taking notice.

While this may be true, many Sugar Babies are living a double life largely in part to the stigma that is tied to the Sugar Daddy Dating world. Some Babies prefer to maintain a double life for reasons such as living with family, having a significant other, or they could be fearful of career backlash.

But for those Sugar Babies ready to step out and flaunt what their Sugar Daddy gave them, here’s some solid advice and tips to remember.

Your best bet when you’re ready to tell your friends and loved ones is to invite them out for a casual event, grab some frozen yogurt or meet them for coffee after the gym, whatever places both of you in a comfortable environment.  Simply sending the, “I need to talk to you about something” message is sure to send anyone into panic mode, which is not the ideal way to lay the details of your luxurious dating life on them.

Just a tip, refer to your Sugar Daddy as your boyfriend or “the guy you’re seeing” and let them come to their own conclusions. You wouldn’t want them to write off this importance because of a fun title.

It’s always best to be tactful when coming out of the Sugar Bowl to your friends and loved ones. There are a lot of unfortunate misconceptions.  Above all, be ready to be bombarded with questions.

What is Sugar Dating? How old is he? What do you get out if? Where can I sign up?

And everything in between.  

When it comes to answering these questions, it is best to keep in mind that less is more. They can get the jist without the nitty gritty details. Your private life is just that: private. You can keep some of the juicy details to yourself, or save them for later.  

A word of caution. Unfortunately, not everyone is as open and accepting of the Sugar Dating World, so be prepared for backlash.  While some of your friends may be itching to sign up themselves, some may be a tad judgemental.  If this is the case, remember to stay sweet, but know you don’t have to stick around and be criticised for living a life they simply don’t understand. 

On the other hand, if they are hesitant and polite, you should always take the time to share some of the sweeter parts of Sugar, who knows, they might just come around!

Have you told anyone about your Sugar lifestyle? If so, how did you do it?