Coming Soon: Lifestyle Coaching Services

By Avianna

Jun 15, 2017

So, you just joined Seeking Arrangement and you’re a bit overwhelmed. You are second-guessing your profile’s text and unsure whether your photos say what you want them to say. You have questions and concerns about Sugar Daddies and the Sugar Bowl?

Or, you are a long-time member of Seeking Arrangement but you fear that your profile has become stale and needs re-invigorating?

Worry not, because all you need to do is discover and engage with Let’s Talk Sugar, Seeking Arrangement’s official support, advice and lifestyle Sugar Baby site.

Let’s Talk Sugar is launching several amazing Sugar coaching services very soon. Such services include profile assessments, profile rewrites, video calls, and first date facilitations. Each of these services are provided by a friendly and experienced Sugar Baby, who is more than happy to listen to your concerns and help you find your feet.

If you want to sign up to the waitlist for these exciting sugar coaching services (you will be emailed when they launch), please sign up at the link below.

Join the Waitlist

These services will increase your confidence, fine-tune your profile, focus your goals and expectations, and lead you to Sugar success. Here is a run down of what those services will be:

Profile Assessments

You will get a complete and unbiased review of your profile. Your profile will be assessed and you will be given tips and recommendations on how to improve your profile and increase your chances of finding the right Sugar Daddy for you. Your profile’s photos and text will be given a score out of 5, based on an extensive rubric.

Profile Rewrites

You will have your profile written by a Sugar expert. You’ll fill out a questionnaire, and we’ll do the rest. All Profile Rewrites also include a Profile Assessment of your current profile.

Coaching Calls

You’ll get to choose a Lifestyle Coach and have one-on-one calls to ask all your pressing questions and concerns, and to get personal and specific advice. All Coaching Calls get started with a Profile Assessment.

First Date Facilitations

Get your date on! Your chosen Lifestyle Coach will advise and support you through your dating adventures. You can ask if a Sugar Daddy seems legit or not. You can get advice on what to wear and increase your confidence before a date. This service beings with a Profile Assessment and one Coaching Call.

Sugar Baby Starter Pack

You deserve to have it all! This is the complete package combining all of our services, with a few bonuses thrown in. With this package, you’ll get:
• 1 Profile Assessment
• 1 Profile Rewrite
• 4 Coaching Calls
• 1 month SeekingArrangement Premium membership
• 5 pack of SeekingArrangement Attract Boosts
• Access to the 2016 Sugar Baby Virtual Summit

Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to get expert advice and to improve your profile! Here’s to much sweet and sugary success!!!