3 Tips to Get Started Free-styling in Your City

By Jenna Rae

May 22, 2019

The online world is such a blessing to help us create mutual arrangements. But sometimes, freestyling offers opportunities you can’t get online. You are able to witness the facial expressions and body language during a conversation with someone you have just met, and chemistry can be assessed instantly. Freestyling is also a great way to meet like-minded girlfriends! Remember, these women are out there doing the same thing you are, and it’s always beneficial to have few allies in your corner along the way.

High-End, Co-Ed Stores & Boutiques

Stores like Nordstrom and Holt Renfrew are the perfect place to meet a POT because they cater to both men and women.  Head to the men’s department and pretend to be looking for a gift for your brother, dad or cousin. Scope out a POT and casually ask him for his opinion on an item, or give him a compliment on something he picks up. Opening lines like “That’s a really nice tie – I’m looking for a gift for my brother and he would love that!” You could even be looking for a gift for your current sugar daddy, but he doesn’t have to know that at this point.

It’s also a great place to meet like-minded girlfriends. Instead of hiding out in your change room, head to the 3-way mirrors in the common area and strike up a conversation with other women doing the same. Compliments on what they are trying on is always a great ice breaker, and so is asking for their opinion on your item. You might be surprised at how open some women are to strike up a conversation here. Another great place to put yourself in a potential conversation situation? The washroom on the women’s department floor. We all need to refresh our lipstick at some point!

The Spa / Fitness Club Experience

Some high-end gyms, such as the luxury global brand Equinox, have a spa attached to their clubs. When booking a spa service, you are granted access to use of the fitness facilities for the day. You will have an amazing spa experience with the potential to meet people in the common lounge area. You have the potential to meet people if you schedule your exercise here for the day. Head to the club a few hours before your scheduled treatment. Don’t rush your exercise routine, and make sure to linger in the stretching area. You can overhear some great informative conversations here, and the close proximity to others on the stretching mat is a great ice breaker. Take the time to sit in the sauna in the women’s change room. There are some great conversations that go on in there. I always thought to talk in the sauna was taboo, but apparently, it’s not.

Luxury Spa Facilities Access

Because so many affluent people visit the spa as a way to relax and unwind, it makes the list again but in a slightly different way than the spa/fitness club experience. Every high-end spa offers complimentary access to their spa and fitness facilities with the purchase of a treatment. However, they also offer the use of their spa and fitness facilities with the purchase of a day pass in lieu of treatment. For usually under $100, you can use the fitness facilities, Jacuzzi, steam room, sauna and lounge areas. Lots of these spas have co-ed lounge areas and Jacuzzis, presenting the opportunity to meet a POT. They will be in relax mode and can have their guard down since high-end spas aren’t a “public” space. Carrying a book on business or finance is a great way to give a POT an easy ice breaker. A physical book is required in this situation rather than an eBook or audiobook, as no one can see what you’re reading on screen. We’re also still in the age of older men preferring a physical book to anything online because of their generation. If you’re interested in older sugar daddies, this is a great strategy to adopt!

Happy freestyling!