Divorce Etiquette: How To Interact With Your Ex

By Bhumika Kateliya

Nov 29, 2018

Unfortunately, not all marriages have a happy ending. However, it’s not necessarily a bad thing for all couples; sometimes it’s the right choice for both parties.

It’s important for the two to be cordial and nice to each other especially if there are kids involved. Even in cases where the couple runs in the same social circles, they might want to still continue to have a positive relationship, as they are bound to bump into each other during social events. It’s not very easy to do so, given that the relationship did end, but there are still ways to remain civil.

Own Your Faults

As they say, it takes two to tango. Marriages are all about work. Hence, most often both the spouses contribute their part toward the end of the relationship. Generally, people turn bitter after the end of the marriage and put all the blame on their spouses. If you admit the mistakes you made in the marriage, it becomes easier for your ex-partner to admit their own. Which then triggers a better post-marriage relationship with him/her.

Talk Positive 

If you and your ex-husband/wife run in the same social circles, (which often is the case after a long marriage), don’t bad mouth one another to your mutual friends. If the word gets back to your ex, it might ruin your chances of having a decent post-marriage relationship.

Shield The Kids From The Drama

You might not share the same relationship with your ex, but to your kids, he/she is still their parent. So try not to talk about your ex-partner in a negative way while the kids are around, they don’t need to hear bad things about their parent. Consider the toll it’s taking on them, and try to avoid being negative.

Be Discrete After Moving On

When you are ready to start dating again, no matter how much you want to rub it in, be discrete until you are sure. When you are letting your ex-partner know about your new relationship, try to be gentle and sensitive when sharing the news. One other important tip is to refrain from dating or getting involved with one of your mutual friends. This can make things very awkward for both of you and even more so for the kids.