Do I Have to be Intimate?

By Brook

Jan 23, 2016

There’s a reason we call arrangements “relationships on your terms,” and it’s because you get to choose the boundaries and conditions with a Sugar Daddy. A question I get all the time is do I have to be intimate? And the answer is simple: no!

First things first

Your relationship with your Sugar Daddy will evolve naturally. After establishing a connection with someone, you may or may not want to have sex with them. It’s entirely up to you.

Asking if you are required to have sex with a Sugar Daddy is like asking if you’re required to sleep with any man who takes you on a date. Sometimes sex happens, and sometimes it doesn’t. On a first date, I recommend not having sex.

Platonic Sugar Daddies

Are platonic Sugar Daddies really out there? Yes, absolutely. There are many reasons why someone would want a platonic Sugar Baby. Some men are married and don’t want to cheat on their wives, others aren’t sexually active, and some are just trying to be your friend. Seriously.

How do I get a platonic Sugar Daddy?

This is a tricky question. For a few reasons, the first is that you don’t necessarily want to put that you’re only interested in non-sexual relationships on your profile, even if it’s the truth.

A Sugar Daddy isn’t looking to have sex straight out of the gate, so meeting him without telling him that isn’t a big deal. If he asks before meeting whether you’ll have sex, say you don’t know. How can you? You’ve never met.

After establishing chemistry and once he decides he likes you as a person, he’ll want to spend time with you and help you out, even if there’s no sex. When the topic does come up, then you can let him know you’re not ready or interested in intimacy.

What if I want to be intimate?

Do what you want. If you like him and feel like taking it to the next level, great. Be in control of your emotions and very vocal about what the relationship is and isn’t. Having sex is nothing to be ashamed of, and older men are a treat in the bedroom anyway.