Drink This, Not That

By Joey

Dec 29, 2016

With the holidays concluding, it’s safe to say that we all probably packed on a pound or two. Which brings us to the big event that will take place in just a few days…New Year’s Eve.

If you haven’t already, expect to see friends’ statuses about how their New Year’s resolution is losing weight and getting in shape. One of my biggest issues was that I was a lot more social this year, which allowed me the opportunity to attend different social events. With social events comes liquor.

Did you know that a pint of beers contain the same amount of calories in a slice of pizza? Yeah I know–gross. For all my fellow SB’s (over the legal age) who enjoy a night out on the town, here is my ‘drink this, not that’ guide.

This guide will allow you to still enjoy a cocktail while still maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

Instead of a Vodka Tonic…

Try a Vodka and seltzer. Leaves you with the same refreshing taste, without all the extra sugar. Seltzer has no artificial sugars/sweeteners.

Instead of a Regular Beer…

Try a “light” option. Next time you’re in the liquor selection and looking for a beer, try a Corona light. This option has 99 calories compared to the normal 148 in the extra.

Instead of a Margarita…

Try Tequila on the rocks with a little club soda, and a squeeze of lime. This helps you to not intake all the added in sugar that comes in a margarita.

Instead of a White Russian…

Try a Black Russian instead. Although the White Russian is sweeter, you get the same great flavor minus the added in calories from the kahlua or cream.

Next time you’re at the bar ordering a drink, remember these healthier options. It may seem like a small way to start helping you get back in shape, but it’s a step in the right direction.

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