Eight Things to Consider When Moving in with Your Partner

By Jenny Harrison

Jun 24, 2018
Are you ready to take the plunge? Do you want to move in with your significant other? If yes, then think again before taking the big step.

Love is not all you need for a strong and lasting relationship. Of course, love is the universal bedrock of any relationship, but compromise, commitment, and communication are equally important.

Sharing your life with someone is not a piece of cake. As you explore your romantic life, you must know your partner better. It includes all the not so pretty sides, weird habits, and lifestyles. It requires patience and respecting each other’s perspectives on life.

When you are about to move in with your partner, you must consider these useful things before starting the new journey.

Discuss Finances

The most important thing to think before moving in is to negotiate your financial expectations. Do not miss the financial element even if you are not in the position of joint budgeting. Make sure you will discuss all the things with your partner about how the expenses will split and who will handle what. It’s a good idea to share the burden of all home-related items.

Share the Home Chores

Break the gender stereotypes! It is not necessary that only a woman should do the housework and the man is out of the game. Before living together, you need to decide how you will divide the home chores. For instance, who will do the dishes? And who will do the laundry? And who will cook? These and many other home chores must be decided before moving in to avoid conflicts later on.

Compromise on the Small Stuff

So, you ruined her new dress while ironing? Now buy her a new one!  Sometimes small mistakes and disagreements can turn into conflicts. Before turning the minor problems into huge fights think about it; is it really worth it to fight with him? I am sure he will also be sad about ruining your dress.  Try to approach the problem calmly. When you live together, accept each other’s flaws and overlook the small mistakes to live a happy life.

Who Will Get the Authority?

If both of you are buying the apartment on joint budgeting, then the authority of the property will be the topic to debate. If the relationship doesn’t work out, who will get the legal rights to own the property? This is the best decision to make at the start. In fact, it’s a great idea to have the legal documents with clear statements to avoid the confusion later.

Before the Big Move, Save

Whether you both are buying an apartment and going to pay the rent, it is recommended you keep extra money for the unexpected costs. The process of moving in often leaves people out of the budget, so set your limits and have extra dollars. While money has nothing to do with the relationship to work out, it will somehow make transitions smoother. Save money as much as you can, before moving in.

Establish Some Common Ground

Do you have the same taste in food? What about music? If you and your partner have so much in common, then this big step of moving in together might really work out for you. Similarities between the partners can make the relationship stronger.  Finding out the similarities is important if you want to move to NYC or any new place.

What is the End Goal

Do you have any idea that how much your partner is into you? Does he really feel the same for you as you feel for him? Does this idea of a moving in together really going to lead you both to the decision of getting married? These should be the possibilities when you decide to move in together. Before heading towards the new journey, make sure you both have strong feelings for each other which will last forever.

Make Sure You’re Ready to Commit

Getting into a relationship is not a big deal; spending time together doesn’t mean you know the person. The major test of the relationship comes when you have to live with your significant other with all the flaws and bad habits. What if he snores while sleeping, are you going to be okay with it? After all, you both will share the same room! Living together requires more sacrifice and commitment than being in a relationship. Ensure that you and your partner consider each other’s needs on a daily basis.

Love is the most divine emotion essential for happy living. Make sure that your love will never fade no matter what the consequences the decision of moving in will bring into your lives.