Etiquette For Swanky Affairs

By Trina

Jan 26, 2017

While Sugar babies enjoy many perks, one of the most noteworthy is access to a high profile or business-minded individual. One common thing that Sugar Babies experience? Going as a date to a fancy function, such as a gala or networking event with professionals in his field. While this can be intimidating at first, with grace and confidence, you’ll get the hang of it and will shake hands with titans of industry before you know it! In the meantime, here are some tips on etiquette for swanky affairs.

Be Cool and Confident

Yes, it may be a little scary to walk into a room with a gentleman who is clearly older than you, while all of his colleagues size you up. Don’t let into it. Breeze in there with confidence, and try not to look flustered or out of your element. Fake it till you make it, and eventually, you will.

Channel Your Grace (Kelly)

Let’s talk attire, Sugar Sisters. Needless to say, this is a classy event, not the club, so dress accordingly. In my opinion, you should always veer to the conservative end of the spectrum, but if you can throw a little edge and style in while you’re at it, why not? Pearls are always a good idea for these types of events.

Give a Firm Handshake With Eye Contact

Step 2 of acting confident in this environment: business etiquette. When meeting someone, make sure you give a lively, firm handshake to let them know you mean business, while establishing eye contact to maintain a personal level of interaction. Don’t look down, sideways, or at the shaking hands–give them a smile and look them dead in the eye for just a moment. They won’t forget you.

Use Your Full Name

No, you don’t need to hand out your last name and address–but if you go by a nickname, it’s my personal opinion that using your full name always makes you sound more professional, and therefore, look better. Not to mention, a longer, fuller name will make you sound more mature. What sounds better to you? “Hi, my name is Ana,” or “Hello, my name is ~Anastasia.~”

Pick a Familiar Topic

The chatter begins and suddenly you feel out of the loop all over again. These people are talking numbers, business, etc., and you have no idea where to insert yourself into this conversation. Wait, patiently, while providing mild commentary. Then, as soon as a topic pops up that you’re comfortable with, use that as the time to speak more openly and freely.

Show You’re Goal-Oriented

A lot of the people attending this event will see your youth, and some may want to test the waters. Whether they’re asking you what you’re currently doing with your life, what goals you’ve set for yourself in the future, or where you see yourself in 5 years–be honest, but be ambitious. Don’t appear too overzealous, but make it clear that you’re a person with a plan.

A majority of the time, these Sugar Daddies have been slaving away for years to build their fortune–so they know all the tricks of the trade. Sure, some of them may have a trust fund, or may have inherited a business, but even then, they need to be somewhat business savvy in order to survive in a competitive work environment.

But, as I said, a majority of the time, they’re self-made men. There’s nothing better than spending time with someone who knows how to help you grow, personally and career-wise. Now, go out there and show them you can hang with the best of them.