Explaining Sugar to Strict Parents

By Trina

Nov 17, 2016

If you grew up in a religious, conservative or just plain strict family, you’ll understand why coming out as a Sugar Baby might be  nerve-wracking. First off, you have nothing to be ashamed of. You’re an adult, capable of making your own decisions. At the end of the day, it’s up to you to be confident in your decision and to own it. Only by establishing a personal belief in yourself will your family respect the decisions you make. That being said, explaining Sugar to strict parents is never an easy ordeal.

Instead of Sugar Daddy, Use Boyfriend

It’s called Sugar dating for a reason. No, you are not there for a nightly rate. No, you will not tolerate any form of disrespect. “But aren’t they just interested in sex? Isn’t it the same as being an escort?” You may be tempted to defend your Sugar Daddy and explain what Sugar really is, but hold back.

You’re not attempting to educate them about the community at this point, but to simply accept that you have an older “boyfriend” who likes to take care of you. Don’t use the terms Salt, Sugar, Daddy, Baby, etc. Remember, baby steps.

Instead of Pampered, Use Provided For

Relationships and technology have evolved over the past few decades, which should be brought up to dispel any negative energy up front.

One thing that might not have evolved? Perhaps your grandmother was a “stay at home” mom, or your mother was a homemaker. In any case, somewhere in your family history, there may have been a female who took care of “emotional” issues and keeping things organized at home while her man worried about the finances.

This is essentially the same for Sugar girls. You need to explain to your family that while he provides for you, you are able to pursue both your own personal goals (making you a better partner) and positive ways to improve the relationship. The more room you have to pursue your passions, the happier you will be. That is what should truly matter to them.

Instead of Allowance, Use Assisting

The concept of a Sugar Daddy allowance most likely won’t sit well with your parents. Say they notice you have more money, or you want to explain that someone is helping you with bills. Don’t bring up an allowance at all, and elect to use words like “helping” or “assisting” instead. He’s gifting you because he adores you and wants to spoil you.

You started dating a man, you happened to tell him rent was expensive, and he offered to help cover it.

Now you have extra money in your pocket and you’re financially stress-free. Don’t they want you to be in a relationship with someone who takes care of you when you’re struggling?

Final Thought

More likely than not, your conservative family has never heard of the Sugar Bowl and has no idea what the lifestyle entails. Remember this when you talk about it, and try to put it in terms you know they can get behind.

Anything they’ve heard regarding Sugar Babies or Sugar Daddies is riddled with staunch, misinformed ideologies. Those headlines may provide shock value, but give little detail on the reality of mutually beneficial arrangements.

Consider this the Sugar Baby guide to dealing with a family that needs a little sugarcoating.