The Art of Fighting Fair

By WhenSadieTalks

Nov 28, 2018

Even the most compatible couples argue. Whether it started over something small, or it’s been an ongoing disagreement that never seems to get resolved, there are ways to work through disagreements fairly without losing your connection and partnership.

Be Mindful Of Timing

Does your daddy have an important meeting he’s holding tomorrow morning, or did he just text you that he’s had a very stressful day? Is it close to the time he goes to sleep? Be mindful of what he’s currently going through before bringing up something that could very well turn into conflict or negative feelings. When someone is already in a negative state of mind, it’s best to leave all deep conversations for another time. Anything worth discussing can wait for a time when both of you are calm and able to give the conversation your full attention.

Speaking Kindly

One of the quickest ways to ruin a relationship is by verbally abusing your partner. When having a disagreement with your SD, leave all name calling and yelling out. Nothing good will ever come out of calling someone else a name that you will surely regret when the disagreement is over. If you want him to respect your words, you must lead by example.

Shouting over one another will not get your point across faster. Let him speak his thoughts and then you respond. Keep a calm, even tone in your voice. For someone who used to be very emotional in arguments, it took a lot of self-control and patience in order to stay calm when I was angry. What I learned over time though, was that even when my partner began to raise his voice, as long as I stayed calm and level-headed, the fight ended sooner and didn’t escalate to the level it once did. More often than not, the men I would argue with eventually learned how to stay calm and respectful when a disagreement arose thanks to my behavior.

Take A Break

When you sense a conversation beginning to go badly and emotions getting out of control, it’s best to stop all conversations and take a break. Tell your daddy that you care for him very much and before you say something you don’t mean, you would like to leave the room for 30 minutes, or so. The key to this working in your favor is by telling him a specific time that you two can come back together and continue the conversation. Then follow-through with what you said. This conflict resolution technique is something I learned while in couple’s therapy.

What You Love About Them

While learning couple’s therapy techniques for my current job, I was taught to have each partner tell the other what they truly like, or love about the other in the midst of conflict. The idea behind this is to have the brain go from thinking something negative and correlating that to the relationship in the present moment, to reminding the brain that this person is someone you care for. This will deescalate the rest of the conflict.

Successful, healthy arguments should result in resolving issues and bringing couples closer together. Arguments can be the stepping stones that promote healthier communication to form between couples. This is possible if it’s done with kindness at the core of the conflict. Just because you have opposing opinions about a particular subject, or you need to bring up your hurt feelings, it doesn’t mean your relationship is in trouble when the topic is brought up.

The men I have dated from Seeking have given me an overall consensus that they appreciate the honesty involved with the arrangements they have with their Sugar Babies. Over and over I was told that the girls they have arrangements with know more about them on an intimate level than anyone else ever has. I have also opened up to the men I’ve dated from Seeking about things I wouldn’t dare tell my closest of friends. The most successful relationships have a foundation built on being able to freely, honestly, and respectfully communicate your wants and needs. The tips from this article are for you to use to help guide you through the bad times and move towards more of the good times.