How to Find a Vacation Daddy

By Heather P

Sep 19, 2017

What if I told you that you can have the most amazing vacation ever and you would barely (if at all) have to pay for anything? Would you do it? Of course! Am I telling you that it’s possible? YES. As a self-proclaimed travel enthusiast, I would love to share my advice on finding a short term/vacation Sugar Daddy.


First Step: Pick a Place!

Generally, I prefer to pick a destination that I would like to visit and then look for a Sugar Daddy within the area. A few weeks before I leave I change my location on my SeekingArrangement profile to the location in which I will be travelling to. Whenever I receive a message from a local, I like to set a clear message of what I’m expecting. If I’m travelling somewhere temporarily, and I have the possibility of meeting a Sugar Daddy to spend time with during my trip, I make sure that they’re completely aware that my stay is temporary. No one likes a Salt Baby so it’s important to remember that honesty is ALWAYS the best policy. Don’t make a commitment you can’t keep because you may end up falling flat.


Find a Daddy Who Likes the Same Things

When looking for a Sugar Daddy for your trip, it’s best to decide what you want to do with your trip. Do you want to get pampered like the princess you are? Then it may be wise to find a Sugar Daddy that enjoys fine dining and spas. Are you adventurous? Try looking for a Sugar Daddy who has a daredevil streak. It will be a lot of fun to go outside of your comfort zone and to try new things! Are you traveling to see the historical wonders of the world? Find a Sugar Daddy who is into arts and museums. He’ll be a great tour guide for your travel and will provide a lot of historical insight during your trip!


Be Open Minded

You’re experiencing a new place with a new person and depending on whether your travel was domestic or international, you will be experiencing a totally different culture!

Share your culture with whoever you meet. If you travel to a new country and you meet a Sugar Daddy for your time there, bring a trinket from where you’re from. It’s a very sweet and impressive gesture that will set the tone for a great trip!


Stay Safe!

Make sure you’re safe about the Sugar Daddy that you’re meeting. Vet him, and as a sign of good faith.  After talking to him for a few weeks, it doesn’t hurt to ask if he would be willing to pay for your flight and hotel. If he’s a real Sugar Daddy and interested in meeting you, he totally will!

Have a backup plan! Unless you’re really into the Sugar Daddy that you’re going to spend time with during your trip, keep another Sugar Daddy in your mind. Chances are, while you’re vacationing, they’ll have other obligations like work. Having another Sugar Daddy around to fill in, even for lunch or dinner, is very useful!


Be ready and willing to explore!


Enjoy your adventure!