Finding a Daddy During the Holidays

By Colette

Nov 09, 2017

It’s that time of year again—the holidays are upon us, which means lots of family gatherings and parties to attend. For many SDs (especially married SDs), this means their schedule will be very tight, leaving less time for sugar. If you still haven’t found the SD of your dreams, don’t worry—here are a few tips on ways to meet POTs during the holidays.

Get Your Hustle On

First of all, while many of the married SDs tend to disappear during this time of year, keep in mind that there are plenty of single men with very few family obligations that would love to meet up. There’s no need to despair! Keep working hard on SA by messaging POTs, updating your profile, and staying logged in (the easiest way to keep your profile active on SA). You could also try using the Profile Boost feature on SA for extra visibility.

If you haven’t already, try branching out to other sites such as WhatsYourPrice or MissTravel. I personally have had a lot of luck using What’s Your Price and Seeking Arrangement at the same time. While SA is focused more on a longer term connection, What’s Your Price is great for meeting someone for just a drink, dinner or lunch. Using the two sites together can be a balanced approach to sugar—and if you end up meeting an SD on What’s Your Price, even better!

Crash the Parties

If the only feedback you’re getting is that everyone’s busy, then Plan B is to attend some parties where you’re likely to meet an SD. One idea is to do some online research on which charities are hosting benefits, and freestyle once you’re there.

If you can travel, see if you can attend some luxe events, such as Art Basel Miami. Anyone can attend the main art show, but not everyone gets to attend the after parties where you’re sure to run into SDs and celebrities. Freestyle during the show and see if you can score an invite!

Also, take advantage of your surroundings—if you live near a popular winter vacation spot, such as a ski resort or a warm beach, go free styling at a nice drinks spot. You never know who you’ll meet!

Find a Job Where You’ll Bump Into SDs

If none of those ideas work, and if you need some cash to get you through the season, then I recommend finding a seasonal job where you’re likely to meet SDs. Since people are partying and shopping more than usual during the holidays, try to work in a service-oriented field such as entertainment, tourism, event planning, retail, or even bartending and waitressing. Here are some ideas:

If you’re old enough, see if you can bartend at a nearby country club, ski lodge, or high end hotel. Retail can be notoriously difficult and low-paying, but if you know your stuff and are good at sales, see if you can land a job working on commission at a high-end store. Lastly, you could look for openings in the event staff at a luxe hotel—working the events is nice, but being involved with planning is better, since you’ll be working with the event hosts, who are probably SDs—or Assistants to SDs.

Good luck and happy sugaring!