Finding Sugar Daddies on Social Media

By Emmy Adair

Oct 09, 2016

In the world of Sugar, a Baby has to use all of their weapons to find a Daddy who can provide the relationship that they need. A true Sugar Baby is not the “wait-and-see” type; they recognize the power they have. They know that taking initiative to find Sugar Daddies is invaluable for Sugar success.

At the opposite end of the spectrum are those who think of themselves as “traditional.” Since this type waits for a well-off man to fall into her life by coincidence, the selection is limited to the men who approach her. Even assuming the line-up gets longer every day, the chance of finding a man with a good combination of characteristics is rare.

Investigating to find out if her’s real involves a couple of steps: a classic date or two with conversation and questioning, and tiptoeing through his social media pages. But if we recognize the use of social media AFTER we meet to disqualify POTs, why aren’t we using it to FIND the men who are “Facebook-officially” qualified to be our boyfriends? Here are some quick tips for finding Sugar Daddies on social media.

Is It Safe to Talk to Strangers?

Some people may worry about reaching out to men who aren’t background checked or in their circle of friends. I personally don’t see the logic of this mindset. If a CEO of a local company has 10,000 friends on Facebook, chances are that he is safe. It’s herd mentality, but fears can be laid to rest by relying on intuition. Does he have to live in our part of the city or state in order to have something in common with us? No, because compatibility and attraction span great distances.

You may realize finding a high-quality man on social media is similar to shopping on Ebay: some will not be as advertised. There are a few tactics to make the social media bidding process effective. So, what are the steps of finding and bidding on high-value strangers through social?

“People You May Know” But Probably Don’t Want To

No, you probably don’t know any single man who is on his way to becoming a multi-millionaire and your friends don’t either. If they did, they would probably tell you. Even if they do and haven’t introduced you to this man, things could get messy if they ever found out that you are dating the guy they knew first. Don’t waste your time!

Use the Search

By using the search box to type in random common names and the name of your city, you can unlock a number of POTs. “John Walker, Chicago”, “Steven Harris, Memphis”. See what results you can pull from whatever common name you like. The names and the people are not important because they are only jumping-off points for the real search.

Use First Impressions

The point of using these search results is to get access to random people’s friend lists. Therefore, try to only click on profiles that seem like they will breed good results. Some of profiles to be checked out include the ones in which a man is dressed nicely and is in a nice location. Other good ones include men who look confident and outgoing because they will often have a lot of social and professional male friends.

Click through profiles until you find one with a friend list that is shared publicly. Once you have access to a public friend list, sort through those people the same way that you did with the search engine people. Glance through the list and if a photo looks promising, check out the man’s profile. Hopefully his profile will have publicly accessible information like his profession and relationship status. If he seems to be what you are looking for, add him as a friend. If you can’t read his information publicly but his photo gives hints about his lifestyle, you can always add him as a friend and delete him later if he turns out to be a poser.

Wait for Him to Message

After you have added this stranger as a friend, he has a couple of options. He can either ignore your friend request because he knows that he doesn’t know you and he isn’t interested, or he can accept your request and message you to learn how you found him. Most men will do the latter.

The following sample conversation illustrates a good way to approach the first contact:

Mr. Doesn’t-Know-He’s-Your-POT-Yet: Hello

You: Hello Mr. POT

POT: Do we know each other?

You: Facebook suggested you to me… Do you know anyone from ______? (Fill in the name of a business organization that he could be involved in, but likely isn’t.)

POT: I don’t think so. If you are related to health care/law/etc., we may have shared friends….

You: Well I obviously know a couple of doctors/lawyers, but nothing professional… Sorry to bother you, I was just curious.

After this last statement, you should wait. Saying “sorry to bother you, I was just curious” and then becoming silent is like a graceful bow as you are about to exit. This phrase redirects the courting ball to him and leaves him only two choices: he can continue the conversation and rightfully become the “aggressor” in your new relationship, or he can pass and end the conversation there. Most men, once they see that such an opportunity has fallen from the heavens into their laps, will continue the conversation! From there, it is only a hop, skip and jump away to a phone conversation and hopefully a dinner date.
The more friends you add in this manner, the greater your chances of finding a high quality Sugar Daddy through social media. Using this quick and simple shopping method is a painless way to give you more control over your dating prospects.