First Date Foods To Avoid

By Sunny

Apr 26, 2016

One of the appeals of Sugar arrangements is that both parties tend to play into a fantasy. Sugar Babies get to be whisked off to exotic locations and wined and dined, while Sugar Daddies are treated to what they consider to be the pinnacle of youth, grace and refinement.

It goes without saying that an SB’s allowance helps her to look the part. But acting the part? Well, she has to learn that all on her own and it includes small details like what she orders at a five star restaurant. Here are some first date foods to avoid when out with a POT.

Ribs or Wings

Sure it’s possible to eat beef or chicken from the bone with a fork and knife, but when you combine it with the liberally applied sauces that usually accompany these dishes, they’re best avoided. You’ll make a mess of your hands, your face and possibly your clothes. Save anything that requires wet naps for your family barbecues.

Dishes with Excessive Garlic or Onions

I personally love garlic. When I’m home I throw it in everything and like it minced, sliced, sautéed, or roasted. But as anyone with an Italian grandma can tell you, garlic stinks! It clings to your clothes, your hair, skin and your breath. The same goes for onions, especially raw ones. If you cook with either of these frequently, you may not mind the aroma, but cultures less accustomed to it will, so better safe than sorry.

Whole Shellfish  

Lobster is widely considered the height of luxury on American menus. It may be tempting to order a whole steamed lobster and pair it with a crisp white wine, but you’d just be asking for trouble. The same goes for prawns and whole crabs. Between cutting the shell to remove it and trying to remember which parts to eat and which to pile up like trash on the side of your plate, the whole affair can get pretty ugly. Luckily, most restaurants are okay to remove the shell if you ask. So if you must indulge, politely ask the waiter how the dish is served.

Gigantic Burgers

Or any sandwich for that matter. As a rule, you’re usually better off not eating main courses with your hands. Foods like burgers and pizza can be eaten with a fork and knife, too, but you risk looking pretentious when you order a double bacon bison burger and then try to eat it daintily. To avoid awkward pretense, skip over those menu items entirely

Spaghetti (other thin noodles)

Wider flat pasta like linguine, lasagna and pappardelle are easy to eat with a fork without needing to do too much twisting or using other utensils. The skinnier ones, however, like spaghetti and Capellini tend to flick and splash sauce everywhere even when eaten very carefully. You aren’t missing much here, though. You can have spaghetti whenever you want, if a POT takes you to a nice Italian restaurant, use the opportunity to order something a little more inspired and less messier than spaghetti.

Spicy Food

This last one is highly subjective, since everyone has a different tolerance for spice levels, but if you aren’t familiar with the pepper or the dish, a first date isn’t the time to try it out. Unexpectedly spicy food can lead to a beet-red face, loud coughing and even a runny nose! You certainly didn’t splurge on that Armani foundation and YSL lipstick just to have it all run off your face in a sweaty, snotty disaster. Save your sense of culinary adventure for date two or three and stick with mild.
So what should you order? Fish and vegetables is a classic choice, or the filet is probably best. Soups are usually low calorie and light, and dinner salads are always a great option.