First Impression Tips

By Lexie

Nov 25, 2015

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, so take these first impression tips from me.

Show up comfortably classy

Make the first impression a lasting impression. Bring your A-game to the first meet by showing up in style. You’re the creme de la creme baby, not a bland biscotti. Keep it classy and chic. Go for a fresh conservative look. Flats and a well put together outfit is subtly sexy. Stiletto heels and a skimpy tight dress can stay at home. Flaunting your assets through articulate, witty conversation is impressive.

Carry confidence

Confidence is irresistible. Let your natural glow shine! Initial interaction with your POT may be nerve wracking but keep your fears at bay with this simple mantra: “I’m cool, confident, and collected.” Take a few deep breaths if needed to calm your mind. You’re more than another date to wine and dine.

Mind your manners

Keep your presentation on point and he’ll be sizing you up from the moment you meet. Actions speak volumes. Behave like the lady you are by always placing your napkin in your lap. Proper table manners may seem commonplace, but many neglect this. Keep your phone in your purse, the focus is on your date not your device.

Establish a connection with him by asking open-ended questions, but don’t be too nosy. Maintain eye contact is linked to falling in love, so try and look him in the eye as much as possible. This is not the time or place to be checking out the businessmen across the patio. Hello! You’re sitting arms length away from a potential life enhancer.

What next?

The date went well, he took care of the bill and generously tipped the waitstaff. You’re feeling good about this one. The chemistry is undeniable and he didn’t glance at his watch to check the time. We all know what’s going on in the back of your mind, is he the real deal? You want sugar not salt water taffy. Discussing matters of the arrangement is best left out of the earshot of others, or not at all on the first date. Discretion is imperative, saving face is essential.

You may feel a strong connection and be tempted to discuss arrangement details out in the open, but for the sake of class keep it discreet. Lightly touch his arm and mention how you love to see him happy. Whether he’s three years or three decades your senior, ego boosts are sure to catch his attention. Give him reasons to support the amazing goal digger you are and you’ll be on your way to receiving Sugar.