Five Bad Sugar Habits to Break Today

By Zenya Rose

Apr 06, 2018
Bad habits are easy to develop and hard to break. Habits of the Sugar Bowl are no exception. When you have a lot riding on the idea of landing that whale Daddy it is easy to focus on your perceived flaws. Critiques are good and help you hone your craft. This kind of advice you can get from a Sugar Sister utilizing our profile assessments and rewrites. Others can take a toll on your Sugar esteem and make you feel less than. Here are five bad Sugar habits to break today!

Blaming Your Body Type/ Weight

Full Stop. First of all, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. Name a flaw you have and I can find 10 women on the Instagram explore page rocking it. Take your flaws and embrace them! Don’t call them thunder thighs. Instead, embrace the saying thick thighs save lies. Everything you dislike about yourself there is a Sugar Daddy who will love it. Stay patient and practice exercises to improve your self-esteem. It’s hard for others not to love you when you do!

Not Giving it Your 100%

Sugaring is a full- time job. If you find the Sugar Daddy of your dreams simply by occasionally checking your profile and using old photos consider yourself incredibly lucky. You simply must have a well- thought out the profile, updated pictures and be an engaging conversationalist. If you have issues with this ask for help in the forums. Your Sugar Sisters will help you. You cannot sit in the Sugar Bowl and expect a Daddy to magically appear. Every arrangement takes work and the hardest part is finding the right one.

Having a Hard Deadline

“If I find my Sugar Daddy by March 1 I can start an allowance by April then have enough saved to buy VIP Coachella tickets.”
While there is nothing wrong with setting goals, hard deadlines like this will make you feel disappointed when they aren’t met. Setting smaller realistic goals will be easier to achieve. Start with goals like getting all dolled up and having a friend take profile pictures of you. That is something you can set aside on a weekend and feel proud about nailing.  Then go from there!

Unrealistic Expectations

Just like the habit of unrealistic expectations will make you feel like you’re not progressing. It is great to follow your Sugar Sisters on Instagram. However, if some of them are especially spoiled you may feel like you’re falling behind. Not having a Chanel bag or designer shoes may seem important in the moment. But don’t let this distract you from all the things your Sugar Daddy does do for you. Just because he doesn’t spoil you with designer goods doesn’t mean your arrangement is bad.

Playing a Part Instead of Being Yourself

Every Sugar Daddy does not want a 00 bleach blonde with blue eyes and a double D chest. Don’t make yourself feel like you have to be that or else you won’t find a Daddy. That stereotype has long since been proven false. Daddies like real women and there is no right or wrong way to be a woman.

Have these bad habits slowed down your progress within the Sugar Bowl? How did you break them? Let us know in the comments section.