Five Common First Date Mistakes

By Charmlessgirl

Dec 18, 2017

Ever been ghosted or wondered why a second date never happened? It could be a number of reasons, but there are some common first date mistakes to be aware of when meeting a Sugar Daddy for the first time. If taken seriously, making the right first impression with a potential Daddy can open the door to a mutually beneficial, meaningful relationship. Use these tried and true tips to make sure you leave him wanting more and not running for the hills.

1. Talking About Yourself the Entire Time

Zip it, sister. No one wants to hear about that time when your cousin Jessica dated an ex-convict. This just in: Most men enjoy talking about themselves and their accomplishments. Even though you are seeking a mutually-beneficial relationship, it’s important to understand the dynamic between you and your potential SD, as well as your role in the exchange. Listen, smile, and stay engaged with what he is saying. This is also a great opportunity to learn about his interests, dislikes, and what he’s willing/able to offer you. Be yourself and offer some details about your life, but no one likes an over-sharer, so keep the long, anecdotal stories to yourself for now. 

2. You Came on Too Strong

Pump the brakes, girl. If you get too hot and heavy with your SD on the first date, he may get the wrong impression of you. Ask yourself if that’s the very impression you want him to get- do you, girl! If not, consider your first date to be like any first date with a “regular” person from outside SA. Treat it like an interview/meet-and-greet situation. Try not to judge a book by its cover. Some men present mediocrely, but they are hiding fantastic personalities or eccentricities.Take your time and get to know him and if the attraction is there, that’s one less thing you have to concern yourself with moving forward. Be classy and don’t come on too strong about money, either. 

3. You’re Not Dressed for the Occasion

Whatcha wearing, girl? If your SD has invited you to drinks at a swank bar on your first date and you roll up wearing acid-washed jeans and your favorite bedazzled sweatshirt, while he’s waiting in a three-piece suit, it doesn’t exactly convey the most successful image of how you want to present yourself. Take an extra fifteen minutes before you meet and research the location and ambience of your date and plan what you’ll wear. Trust me, it’ll be worth it. If you have a dynamite figure, now is the time to show it off. Pick a dress that accentuates your figure, shave your legs, and grab a pair of heels you can walk and stand comfortably in. Some women don’t need make-up to look stunning. If you are one of that 1%, congratulations. If not, at the very least, put on some mascara and lip gloss before you head out of the door.

4. You Don’t Look Like Your Profile Picture

Um… you look… different. Everyone changes as they get older. Aging is beautiful. Unfortunately, women are held to a higher standard than men when it comes to aging, but it is true that you can be gorgeous at any stage of your life. Make sure your un-edited profile pictures are you TODAY and not a few years and many waistlines ago. I cannot stress this point enough: It is disingenuous to show up for a first date not looking anything like your pictures. Having trouble figuring out if you’re guilty of this? Ask a male friend to view an (appropriate) pic of yourself that you’ve posted on the site and have them confirm that it still looks like you. Stay tuned for tips on how to post the best images of yourself to get the SD you deserve.


5. You’re Late

Sorry I’m late! Everyone’s heard it and everyone’s said it. Got stuck in traffic? Maybe a bit lost on the way to the restaurant? That is understandable. But showing up 1-2 hours late on the first date is inexcusable. You make a poor impression if you cruise in at 8:15 when your date started at 7:30. If you know you’re going to be more than an hour late, politely call your potential SD, apologize, and ask to reschedule for a better time. He’ll appreciate the heads up and be less likely to suspect you are “playing games.”