Five Foods to Share With Daddy

By Brie

Jul 25, 2017

It’s been proven that sharing a meal with others brings us closer in a relationship. Whether it’s the cooking that unites us or the company of our loved ones, food is often the center of any meeting. Sharing food not only serves you the function of spending quality time together, but it allows you to experience a another cuisine, culture, and night out altogether. Especially with your Sugar Daddy. Here are five foods perfect for sharing for your next date night..


Sashimi. Futomaki. Makizushi. So many options, it’s hard to choose just one. Coming in many variations mixed with spices and sides, sushi is a clean, easy to eat dish that both you and Daddy can enjoy. Don’t like raw fish? No problem! Try Unagi or California rolls made of avocado, cucumber and imitation crab meat. This not only creates variety in your meal, but broadens the flavors on your plate. Trying to figure out what to drink with it? Pair with sake to complete the meal.


Who doesn’t like gourmet appetizers? Served warm or cold, this popular Spanish-based cuisine consists of small plates for everyone to enjoy. Coming in many ethnic styles, these kind of dishes are often combined to create a full meal. Serving you small, high-end plates from steamed mussels to family style BBQ chicken skewers, tapas restaurants worldwide maintain the same concept: proportion. So if you’re hungry but not enough to polish off a whole steak at a five star restaurant, suggest this idea on your next date.


Another choice of many cultures, paella is a familiar rice dish of epic proportions. Filled with an array of flavors, the dish comes in various forms including vegetarian, vegan, and Valencian style. Following the original recipe, paella is usually white rice combined with a choice of meat, mixed beans, snails, and seasoning. Seafood paella, which is often featured at most restaurants, is topped off with cooked shrimp.

Spaghetti and Meatballs

A meal of many centuries, spaghetti and meatballs is a dinner classic that has been known to bring friends, families and loved ones around the dinner table. Remember the dinner scene in Lady and the Tramp? Why not recreate it! Spaghetti and meatballs is offered at just about any American/Italian food establishment. Some U.S. cities that I have heard that offer the best spaghetti and meatballs are: San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia and of course, New York City. Pair with a mixed green salad and a bottle of wine and you and Daddy will have the perfect meal.

Banana Split

How can you leave the dinner table without the best part of the meal, the dessert! What sweeter way to end a perfect date but with ice cream! Banana splits to be specific. This American treat is not only made to satisfy that sweet tooth, but are more than enough to split between two.

So if you’re thinking of what you should get on your next date, or want to spice things up a bit, suggest these ideas. Switching it up every once in awhile will add a little flare to your dinner dates and expand your experiences trying new foods. Strengthen that relationship over the love of food. Good food and good company often leads to a good time.