girl getting freestyle tips from bartender

Five Freestyle Tips You Never Knew

By Missy Dee

Sep 15, 2016

Freestyling is a great and easy way to meet Sugar Daddies. After you’ve been online for a while, freestyling gives you a much-needed change of pace. Through my adventures in freestyling, I discovered some unique, previously undiscussed tips. Here are my five freestyle tips you never knew:

Befriend the bartender, concierge or server

When you go to expensive restaurants or hotels to freestyle, it helps to have someone to give you the inside scoop. For example, the concierge knows what is on the hotel’s calendar and can tell you when the wealthiest people will arrive. It’s the bartender’s job to get friendly with the frequent, wealthy travelers. Servers (as well as bartenders) have their regular customers that are friendly and generous.

By befriending the bartenders, concierges and servers at your favorite high-end locations, you can get information about other patrons and determine whether freestyling at those establishments is worth your time. It helps to have friends in the wild.

Tip extremely well

Similar to befriending hotel and restaurant staff, tipping generously can give you an advantage. Servers and concierge staff do not forget the stylish, the kind, or the generous nor do they forget the extremely rude. Make yourself memorable by looking good, tipping generously and commending the servers on their excellent customer service. You will be unforgettable and you can expect excellent treatment during subsequent visits. That stellar treatment often means receiving the best seats, special treats from the chef, a visit from restaurant or hotel manager on duty, as well as lots of other positive attention. It’s easy to get a POT’s attention when he sees the waitstaff fawning over you.

Use your student status to your advantage

Many Sugar Babies are students, yet they forget to use that student status to get the kind of perks that put them in close proximity to POTs. Students often get admitted to events for free (or receive a major discount). When planning to attend high profile events, don’t be afraid to ask the event coordinator if student tickets are available. Many lectures and forums admit students for free, and these attract brainy, wealthy men. So make sure that you use that student status to your advantage!


Some events may not offer student discounts. In fact, these events may be completely beyond your finances. In those cases, the best thing you can do is volunteer to work those events. The best events for volunteering are live musical performances (like symphony concerts and the opera), classical theater, and fundraiser/charity balls and galas. Volunteers get to observe and interact with attendees. Plus, volunteers get a chance to see how the wealthy interact with one another.

Paying close attention and subtly flirting at these events can give Sugar Babies the knowledge they’ll need when they attend exclusive events with their Sugar Daddies. It’s very common for an attendee to slip a business card to an attractive volunteer. Keep those business cards and follow up after the event! Those encounters could very well lead to the arrangement that you’ve always wanted.

Wear something other than black

Yes, everyone looks good in black. Black clothing is slimming and looks appropriate for a variety of occasions. But when you freestyle, avoid blending in. Practically everyone wears black when going out for the evening, so the easiest way to stand out is to wear color. Let the other girls blend into a sea of black, while you wear a color that both flatters and puts the spotlight on you. It’s no surprise that all humans are drawn to color, so use that to your advantage, especially when you go out. Bright colors and unique accessories can really help distinguish you from the crowd, and may catch the eye of a top notch Sugar Daddy.

Those are a few of my little known but very powerful freestyling tips. Do you have any tips that have worked for you?