Five Pieces of Jewelry Every Sugar Baby Should Have

By Victoria Naples

Apr 13, 2018

Jewelry has held people’s fascination for thousands of years.  For all that time, it has served three purposes: to demonstrate power, to communicate beauty and to serve superstition.  As a Sugar Baby, you probably desire fine jewelry for all of those reasons…and maybe a few more!  While owning high-end pieces is a source of pleasure, it can be difficult to know where to start in amassing a jewelry collection.  After all, there are more precious metals than just gold and platinum. And there are more shades of gemstones than colors in the rainbow.  Add to that the variety of styles of jewelry and unscrupulous jewelers. It can all be very confusing.  But never fear!  We have up to the minute information on the essentials for fine jewelry for Sugar Babies.

Diamond Earrings

Nothing says sophistication like a pair of genuine diamond earrings.  Round studs are the most appropriate.  The sparkle of diamonds on one’s ears is best when the hair is worn up and away from the face. Catching a peekaboo of glimmer from beneath flowing locks is also a fine way to show off some ice.  Everyday women tend to wear diamond studs that are about 30 points in each ear. However, Sugar Babies know that the ideal size may be a full carat in each ear.  While bigger is better, this is not always the case for diamond earrings.  If the stone is too large there is a risk that the earring will not lie properly on the earlobe.

A Sugar Baby really only needs one good pair of studs, assuming that the quality is high.  Still, many daddies give diamond earrings as a staple.  Avoid wearing more than one pair at a time. Some worry multiple piercings can look cheap.  Instead, do what the wealthy do and have stones re-set into other pieces.  You can have a solitaire ring made for your right hand, or have a cluster ring created that you can wear as a dinner ring.

When buying diamonds with your daddy, make sure to do your research.  For example, know that carat weights are often rounded up, understand that not all cuts are created equal and be familiar with the Gemological Institute of America color grade system.

Pearl Necklace

Every woman should own a fine pearl necklace.  While chokers are gaining favor over statement necklaces, pearls never go out of style.  They can be dressed up or dressed down.  Pearl necklaces are the epitome of good taste and communicate wealth.  While there are a variety of styles, the most classic is the “princess,” which is a single strand 17-19 inches in length.

These days, most pearls are cultured rather than being grown naturally.  They come in a variety of colors, but the quintessential shades are white and cream.  It is important to assess luster. This is the sharpness and intensity of the pearl’s reflection.  Also, the similarity of the pearls in a strand is paramount.  They should be as equal as possible in quality, size and shape.

Cocktail Ring

A cocktail ring is larger than a normal ring that is designed to attract attention to the wearer.  The center stone is large and may be flanked by smaller stones.  Traditionally, the drama of a cocktail ring came from the centerpiece of a precious gemstone (i.e. diamond, emerald, ruby or sapphire).  Nowadays, it is commonplace to have other colored gemstones, including topaz, tourmaline or citrine.

When selecting a gemstone ring, it is vital to make sure the gem is natural and not laboratory created. Many gems for sale are “treated,” which means that they have undergone heating or color enhancement.  Thus, you need to get written disclosures from the seller about what processes the stone has undergone; you should also have an independent appraiser evaluate the stone.  In addition, it is wise to inspect the loose stone.  If the stone is already placed in a setting, then simply ask to have it removed for closer examination.

Tennis Bracelet

The term tennis bracelet refers to a bracelet comprised of many small gems linked together on a narrow chain.  This style has been favored since the 1920s because it is a comfortable way to wear an eternity bracelet.  These days, a popular way to style the bracelet is to layer it with other tennis bracelets, bangles or a watch.

Diamonds are the most popular gemstone to be set in a tennis bracelet.  Traditionally, the bracelet is made of 18k gold or platinum.  A run of the mill tennis bracelet has about three carats of diamonds, retails for approximately $3,000 and can be found at any strip mall jewelry store or online.  A discerning Sugar Baby will know that a tony tennis bracelet will be several times the carat weight, and several times the price.  The sky is the limit.  Just understand that if a daddy splurges for Tiffany’s or Van Cleef & Arpels, that the price is often inflated just for the brand name.  A savvy businessman may very well want to visit New York’s diamond district for the best value, which is perfectly acceptable.

Designer Timepiece

A designer timepiece is the cornerstone of a jewelry wardrobe, simply because it is the most functional. Picking a luxury watch is really a matter of choice. Have you always wanted a Rolex?  Do you appreciate the simple lines of Cartier?  Are you looking for diamond accents to wear on evenings out, or are you focused on gold presence? Only you can answer these questions. It is smart to remember to purchase a watch that has a strong case, good mechanics, and quality polishes.

The most sound advice is to pick a classic design so that you can wear it over and over.  Also, traditional pieces tend to hold their value, should you ever chose to sell the timepiece.