Five Simple (And Non-Sexual) Things That Will Turn Your Sugar Daddy On

By Steve USA

Jul 13, 2018

So, you’ve met a great guy. He’s charming and generous. He’s confident, funny and a great conversationalist. He may or may not be handsome or good in bed but, whatever the case, he’s a keeper. And you want to please him and get the most out of the relationship from money to mentoring and everything else that you deserve and desire.

What are some easy things you can do to stand out with your sugar daddy and keep him focused on you? Well, every guy is different but, let me share with you 5 things that have stood out for me in my arrangements and motivated more tangible attention (like allowance and gifts) from me for my sugar baby.

  1. Compliments

Sugar Daddies give them all the time (at least I do anyway).  You are a young sexy thing (or an older sexy thing) and we will often gush over your looks. You may have become jaded because you hear this from guys (and girls) all the time. You’re so hot it may even become a bit tiresome to hear repeatedly.

Guess what? Guys don’t hear that very often. Especially your typical middle age sugar daddy and wow, when we get a compliment it really resonates.

As an example, I vividly remember when I was just out of the shower in the presidential suite of a top hotel in our home city. I had upgraded the room because it was my 4th date with my new SB and she wanted to do our first overnight locally as a trial run before we started traveling together. So, naturally, I wanted to impress and pamper her.

Just out of the shower, was drying off in the master bathroom and she was getting ready for dinner in the adjacent vanity room. Suddenly she poked her head in and said “you look so handsome and hot right now” and gave me a big smile then went back to applying her makeup.

That was so simple for her do and say and it made me feel great. I happened to buy her a pair of Louboutins the next day on a whim. Did that compliment result in the new pair of red sole shoes? I don’t know but it sure didn’t’ hurt!

  1. Attention and Affection

Touch his hand. Play footsie under the table. Initiate kisses. Run your fingers thru his hair.

Simple affection could be something he misses and craves. I know I do.

I remember a trip to a Southern California resort with my SB. It was a business trip for me with some meetings and conference calls but we had a cabana at the pool where she spent the day lounging while I worked from the suite. When I had broken from my calls I would join her for a little bit. Whenever I walked up she immediately put her phone down and focused on me. She greeted me with a kiss every time which she initiated along with a caress of my neck or a hand on my thigh. And she understood but was sorry to see me go back to the suite for another conference call and always gave me a goodbye kiss that she would initiate.

Was she acting? Perhaps a bit but she seemed sincere and I loved it.  And for the record, it was Cass’s affection and attention that made her one of the few Sugar Babies that I elected to go exclusively with to concentrate my time and resources with only her. That means she enjoyed 2 or 3 times the amount of allowance had I been dating others. What’s interesting is she didn’t ask for me to go exclusive or for more allowance. I volunteered it because I enjoyed her attention and affection more than the others I was seeing at the time. By the way, I did not expect nor ask exclusivity from her either.

  1. Tell him you enjoy his stories and advice

I remember an SB that once sent me a simple text after our 3rd or 4th date telling me how much she enjoyed hearing about my experiences. Frankly, I was a bit worried that I might be boring her with various stories from when I was her age to what went down in the boardroom earlier in the day. However, she enjoyed learning about my past to gain perspective for herself and was fascinated with my current work too. she went out of her way to let me know she valued and enjoyed learning from my experience.

Many SD’s like me seek arrangements for much more than the physical and sexual aspect. Being able to mentor and make a difference in a young woman’s life is very satisfying. Knowing that she appreciates it makes a real difference and definitely keeps me focused on my SB.

  1. Understand his preferences when in public

Some SD’s are all about arm candy and having their SB fawn over them in public. Others want to play it more low key. And some want a combination of both depending on the situation.

Ask about his preferences and learn how to read them. And of course, you should always be comfortable with them too. I remember an SB that was dating me and another man at the same time and we were two opposites in the way we approached our public appearances.

Her other SD would take her to clubs and bars and have her dress as sexy as possible while doting on him and hanging on his every word. He also liked to take her into lingerie stores and shop together involving the store staff and asking their opinion on how they thought she’d look in various sexy outfits. She kind of enjoyed some of these elements as she had a bit of an exhibitionist streak and had fun with the whole role. I, on the other hand, am usually the complete opposite.

Always low key in public I asked her to dress casual or more conservative and the most PDA might be some hand holding or a peck on the cheek, especially in our home city.

When traveling the same held true with me except around resort pools. In that case, I changed my usual approach completely and I loved to have her show off the skimpy bikinis I bought her and enjoyed watching all the other guys stare with envy. She knew I got a kick out of this and would totally tease the whole pool area sashaying around and then coming over and sitting on my lounge chair and laying a kiss on me.

As an example of someone that did not follow through on my in public preference, I once went into a store with a different SB and she started trying on all kinds of sexy outfits for her upcoming Coachella trip. She’d come out of the dressing room all bubbly and sexy and looked great but I felt awkward as the staff knew exactly what was going on. Some SD’s would dig this – I hated it and she did not pick up on it. I bought her $400 in new clothes, wished her a great time in the desert and broke things off with her.

The first SB knew how to read me and she knew when to clarify what I wanted too. Do the same – your sugar daddy will appreciate it.

  1. Be Responsive and Reliable

Taking a minute to acknowledge a text, even if it’s something simple like:  “sounds good let me get back to you soon” or a smiley emoticon (or better a kiss) makes a difference.

If he sends you an email or text he appreciates an acknowledgment just like you would appreciate one from your boyfriend or BFF. Sometimes he may overstep and want to text too much and in that is the case just gently let him know of your boundaries when it comes to texting and other communications.

And of course be reliable. Being late and canceling sometimes happens but it should be very rare. One of my longest running SB relationships never had a trip or date cancel and only once had a lunch rescheduled due to a work matter out of her control. That was exceptional. If you’re reliable and responsive your in a better position to ask for more things be it an allowance, gifts or otherwise.

I hope you keep these tips in mind to make your SD feel like a king and get more out of your relationship and arrangement.