Five Sugar Baby Travel Essentials

By Jessica Smith

Jun 12, 2018

With more and more youngsters being enticed with the idea of being Sugar Babies, this trend is more popular than ever.

Sugar Babies are usually pampered with monetary benefits and gifts in exchange for companionship. For this reason, they are always expected to be ravishing so that they can be the perfect trophy girlfriends.

There will be times when your Sugar Daddy will ask you to accompany him fancy places for vacations. However, that means you would need to prepare yourself well. He would want you to be his scrumptious arm candy who he can show off to people! A tiring vacation cannot be an excuse for Sugar Baby to look dreary or worn off at any point! A good beauty regime is a must to achieve an enticing overall get-up.

We all know, that packing for a vacation is always a struggle because you cannot carry your entire vanity. Sugar babies, if that’s what you’re worried about then you’ve come to the right place. We have listed down five beauty essentials a Sugar Baby must carry while off for vacation, and at the end of this article, we also have a mini – tip for a date night!

So, here are the holy-grails that we swear by and that you should totally carry in your handbags: 


No surprise that this is on the list because your skin needs to be prepped up during a vacation. Sudden changes in the weather conditions, food or even different kind of water can be really harsh on your skin resulting in dullness. Moisturisers help in hydrating the skin and taking care of it so that there are minimal breakouts. Moreover, moisturizers can double as primers to some extent and can act as a base for you to put your make-up on that would last.

Babies, be wise and pack your favorite moisturizer for the getaway.

Dry Shampoo, For the Win

Bad hair days are just the worst! Greasy roots rain on the parade! No matter how alluring the makeup is, oily hair will draw more attention making the entire ensemble go from fab to drag. No Sugar Baby wants that. However, sometimes jumping into the shower is just not possible when you are on a holiday. So you need a quick fix! Dry shampoos are a miraculous,  perfect remedy. This product gives you showered and voluminous hair in a minute, literally! Just shake it up a bit and massage it through your scalp for fresh hair.

Some Everyday SPF

No matter how much makeup you don on, nothing beats clear skin. So it’s important to protect it and vacay-ing means lots and lots of sun exposure. Surely, the sun can be your bones’ best-friend but is your skin’s worst enemy. It causes a lot of skin issues including aging and discoloration. If you are already suffering from pigmentation problems the UV rays can make it worse.  A sunblock with a high SPF that protects the skin from the harmful UV rays should definitely be added to necessities.

Pick out gel sunscreens for warmer places to keep you from sweating it out.

Application tip: Apply the sunblock 20-30 minutes before stepping out in the sun

An Uplifting Fragrance

A bad odor is a put-off, so our next beauty essential would definitely be an aromatic scent. Little do you know that a good perfume can pull all the sexual strings of man, yes really! Classy men fancy a nice scent as much they would fancy their brandy liquor. Nice-smelling perfumes with floral or fruity notes can turn up the attractiveness instantly. Sugar Babies, this can be your secret for seeming lush, foxy and extremely desirable.

So, go find a scent that can be your signature and make sure, it’s in your handbag, ALWAYS.


Concealer is another essential product that you NEED to carry with you while traveling. Everybody has imperfections here and there. Everyone has some dark spots or areas that are hyperpigmented areas and dark circles, right? Well, a concealer is a solution to all these problems, it is basically a magic wand that would cover up these blemishes.

Vacations can mean unpredictable discoloration and zits and darker under-eyes, so ladies you need this product for a flawless finish.

For under-eyes, you can totally rely on a hydrating concealer whereas going for oil-free ones to cover up zits and spots.

Concealers can be experimented with so very easily! Use it for the purpose of highlighting your face with a lighter concealer to accentuate the high-points of your face and contouring with a darker one to give your face some structure and dimension.

Just like we promised, here is a bonus tip for a date night at your little escapade!

Styling and makeup tip for a posh drink and dinner with your sugar daddy : 

Pair a white corset and high-waist black skinny pants and compliment the attire with a heavily contoured face for a stunning look. For the finishing touch, wear an alluring fragrance. To seem classy, we suggest you take some don julio tequila in one hand and your Sugar Daddy in another!