Flying to Meet a Sugar Daddy

By Jasmin

Jan 22, 2016

Many Sugar Babies believe that having a Sugar Daddy that lives in close proximity to you is beneficial in many ways, as well as being easier and less complex. One question I want to ask you though is, would YOU travel out to meet your Sugar Daddy for the first time?

The reality is, 7/10 of us would say no. Here are a few reasons you might want to consider flying to meet a Sugar Daddy.


We all doubt strangers at first. As humans, it’s natural to refrain from putting ourselves in danger or even a potentially dangerous situation. It’s not like meeting him in the same city as you, and it’s understandably risky to hop on a flight potentially thousands of miles away to see a man that you’ve never met.

The great thing about SeekingArrangement is that prior to an SD completing his profile, he has has the option of going through a background check to make sure the information he is putting on his profile is correct. When he does this, the profile will say background verified.

Other ways to keep you safe include asking for personal info from him, a picture of his ID, and any addresses and information you can give to someone you know. Also, always make sure all reservations are in your name so you can change them if need be.


If it turns out that your SD is willing to pay for your journey, there is absolutely no damage being done to your pockets. But you do need to make sure you have enough cash on you just in case things turn sour between you two.

However, if it turns out that he’s not so comfortable paying a whole journey/accommodation for someone he has not already built trust around, then you would have to do some serious thinking as to whether this is what you want to invest in. Remember, he is the one that’s loaded, not you! In my opinion, the Sugar Daddy should always pay for travel.


Raise your hand if prior to a first date with someone, you had doubts on whether they would find you “attractive enough” or something of a similar thought. I know that I did! It’s natural for us as females to feel as though we’re not good enough for our potential SDs, but you have to remember that he messaged you for a reason, as well as going out of his time to arrange for the both of you to meet. That should be enough to boost your confidence.

No More Excuses

Many Sugar Babies are either students, or ladies who just enjoy the lavish lifestyle, so thinking of excuses as to why not fly out might be difficult. Especially when designer gifts begin to appear in your room more frequently, your tuition fees are paid off or you end up with enough money to get a condo, when a few months ago you were a waitress at iHop.

But imagine flying out of the country to meet your SD…what exactly do you say to anxious family members or friends? How I see it is, there is absolutely no harm in saying that you’re off for a few days for a solo vacation. It’s really all about delivery! To be frank, you ARE going solo, so it’s not lying, just not explaining the technicalities of that vacation.
The moral of this article is there is absolutely nothing wrong with flying to see your Sugar Daddy, but as long as you’re prepared in every aspect. I’m talking financially, emotionally, and mentally. The chances are very, very slim that things will go wrong, but it’s always good to be on the safe side of things. A lot of Sugar Babies who have been in this situation have actually enjoyed this experience, and I’m sure you will, too.