Forgivable Sugar Daddy Offenses

By Ashleigh

Jan 26, 2016

While it is entirely too easy, and sometimes justified, a few mistakes and a man can quickly be labeled “salt”.  While there are some forms of behavior that are never acceptable, Sugar or otherwise, there are some Sugar Daddy offenses that are certainly forgivable.

Problem: He doesn’t respond right way

Your Sugar Daddy is not your boyfriend, and if he’s like many men on SeekingArrangement, not only is his time valuable, he may be “married but looking” and being respectful to her.  Let this one slide as long as he does eventually get back to you and simply doesn’t ghost. Sometimes some of the best men are worth waiting for, for a little while that is.

Problem: He’s new to the Sugar Bowl

We all started as newbies, we didn’t know the lingo or what an acceptable allowance looks like. Back in the days when we would have jumped at any arrangement. Just because a SD is new and may make some mistakes doesn’t mean that he’s a lost cause, should be labeled salt or brushed off. Infact, this could be a prime time to groom him into the POT of your dreams if you play your cards right.  

Problem: He already has a Mrs.

While this may not be a problem for many Sugar Babies, some may be uncomfortable being out with a married man. But maybe try to look at things from his point of view before you go all morally righteous on him. There are so many different situations that could have lead him to the Sugar Bowl, or his wife may be aware and even a willing participant.  Don’t jump to conclusions, because him having a wife opens up more free time for you, more time to possibly taking on a second Daddy if you’re feeling ambitious.

Often times many small offenses are fixable or can be handled by logging on to SeekingArrangement and finding another POT.


What is your quick fix for Sugar Daddy offenses?